Taraji P. Henson talks dating…”Men are not willing to court anymore”!

Being a successful actress in Hollywood and having the ability to catch millions of viewers attention by the portraying a specific character on TV or the big screen comes very easy for Taraji. Having years of experience under her belt also makes it pretty easy for her to dominate her field of work. All these good qualities should make it very easy to find the right guy who is on the same playing level as you right? Well, this concept is not true for Taraji. She finds it very hard to date because guys do not court anymore. So its safe to say that she is single and her dating life sucks according to her. I find the concept of dating in Hollywood very interesting. You would think dating would come easy for them but apparently it doesn’t. With all the fame, fortune, and credibility, why is so hard for a good woman to find a great guy? Lets explore this topic and discover why some women regardless of their career choice can’t find a good man.


Men in our society look for a couple of things when finding a woman. They are focused on her shape (how big her booty or breast is) or how pretty she is. They are not focused on what she can bring to the table or have to offer him in return. I totally agree with Taraji because men do not want to court. They are too busy trying to see how long it is going to take before they have the opportunity to have sex with you. Courting was a thing of the past and our society is way too advance for that connection. We are looking for fast results. I feel as though its sad because I am pretty sure Taraji has a lot to offer besides being a beautiful, successful black woman in Hollywood.

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