Taraji Vs. Idris! No Good Deed is just Good Indeed!

The box office can be a tricky place, especially when a new entry is up against late summer blockbusters. However, “No Good Deed” has managed to shake Tinsel Town with a number one debut and amazing reviews. Possibly one of the most well marketed films of the year; this suspense thriller stars Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba. Both stars are considered cinematic gold, but never in films where they are the main stars. All this changed when they ceased being Taraji and Idris and temporarily donned the roles of Terri and Colin. Terri is a former prosecuting attorney turned housewife and Idris is a murderer on the run. Through a surprising plot twist their paths are unwittingly crossed. Murder, danger, betrayal and drama are rife in this thriller as both struggle to take the other down!



Whoever said Taraji P. Henson could not pull the masses like any other A-Listing actress was dead wrong. Clearly the box office success of this film is showing that the girl has a following. Then when you pit her against a villainous Idris you have cinematic magic. Now, the film is definitely worth seeing, but it was only good. Its predictability and the naivete on Terri’s part leave much to be desired. This statement also includes their penultimate fight scene. Even though Terri fought smart, you definitely wanted to see more. Instead of a simple fight, an all out brawl was in order after the hell Colin put her through. Still, it was exciting to see Idris as a charismatic bad guy. He definitely used his sex appeal to charm his way into Terri’s home and got her to let her guard down despite her past as prosecuting attorney specializing in domestic violence. Where were her instincts? I doubt most female lawyers, use to dealing with criminals, would have even opened their door for him.


“No Good Deed goes unpunished” they say. Let us hope this movie serves as a warning to any naive woman willing to let a strange man into her home. Let it also serve as a reminder to any intruder that not all women are dainty and defenseless. A resourceful woman is far more dangerous than a strong man. Either way be sure you go out and support Taraji and Idris, Hollywood just got a whole lot more dark, beautiful, and thrilling!

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