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Taylor Girlz: Millennial Moguls in the Making

Taylor Girlz: Millennial Moguls in the Making

taylor girlz
Images By Kennedy

Who Are Those Girlz? If you’re still asking that question in reference to, sensational hip hop duo, the Taylor Girlz, then…where have you been? The stats are in, and they are official: 

  • A following of over one million fans across social media platforms.
  • Well over 40 million digital streams
  • A #1 hit on the Billboard charts
  • And a freshly inked deal with RCA

But, that’s just scratching the surface. Taylor Girlz consists of, biological sisters, Daysha Taylor (21) and Ti Taylor (19). I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the two of them about what it takes to master social engagement, the source of their talent, and the business behind the movement.

Ti and Daysha are widely known and beloved, between YouTube and Instagram, especially. Their popularity is largely due to their colorfully magnetic, high spirited humor and music. But beyond that, these girls are just smart. They are not just the talent. The twosome has been marketing, promoting, and styling themselves for the last five years.

The girls unequivocally credit their father for the talent and musical ability that we see and enjoy from them. Mr. Taylor, a former rapper/artist himself, encouraged the girls to pursue their dreams, and groomed them to write and perform original music.

taylor girlz
The Taylor Girlz had been posting funny clips on Instagram for years. That practice, alone, had already reaped a massive following for the group. The sisters then created a YouTube platform, by popular demand, so that fans could enjoy longer content. Their following became explosive, laying the perfect foundation to launch the music career that had been brewing all along. Images By Kennedy

Kontrol: How would you describe your group?

Daysha: I would describe our group as very organic; very fun and vibrant…as a group we really try to cater to our fans. We like to have fun and make music that people can dance to.

Catering to their fans, whom they have affectionately dubbed “Brothers”, has been an effective catalyst to success for the Taylor Girlz. By consistently feeding their Brothers with high energy content, such as personal vlogs, hilarious pranks, and grade A music and visuals, they have managed to connect and gain unwavering support.

That method has earned the group next-level success in music, as well as a few viral challenges. Before you logged on to the ‘gram to divulge everything you might be willing to do for the… eh, you may have already known these sisters as the creators of viral social media challenges such as, the insanely popular, Steal Her Man challenge, the Wedgie In My Booty challenge, and most recently, the Big Ole’ Booty challenge. These movements rocked the internet, and catapulted the Taylor Girlz to a top spot on the charts.

Kontrol: Are there any artists that inspire you as a group?

Ti: “Lil’ Kim, due to all of the different styles, and wigs, and colors she brought to the game”.

Daysha: “I would have to say that Queen Latifah is someone who inspired me, because she’s a business woman. She’s not just into music, she’s not just into acting. She has a whole business mindset, and 99.9% of this industry is based around the business mindset”.

The Taylor Girlz learned from their father, early on, that understanding the business side of the industry is a critical key to success and longevity.

Taylor Girlz
Images By Kennedy

On being business women:

Daysha: “While we’re poppin’ right now, we’re investing our money into other things that can make us more money. We’re not just out here recklessly spending. We’re preparing ourselves for the future”.

These mega influencers  are serious about their craft. They are heavily involved in every aspect of cultivating their brand. The group is currently signed to their own record label, Tailor Boi Entertainment, which is backed by, powerhouse major label, Sony RCA.

Dreams into Reality, an investment firm that seeks to help finance start-up companies, is another business created by the group. And, they are also working to produce an upcoming clothing line.

Building and maintaining this megawatt, multifaceted career has been a grassroots effort for the Taylor Girlz. The power of fan-love is not lost on them. Their next album, titled Brothers, is dedicated to their fan base. It is slated to drop at the top of 2018.

Daysha: “If it wasn’t for our dedicated fans, we wouldn’t be in the position that we’re in to make the moves that we’re making, so we just wanted to dedicate our album to all of our loyal fans”.

Kontrol: What can your fans expect from that album?

Daysha: “I think they’re probably expecting a lot of the dance type records…and of course we’re gonna have some of that on there but it won’t be just that. It’ll be them actually getting to see the maturity of us growing. They’ll actually get to see the growth in our music”.

Check out the Taylor Girlz (@taylorgirlz) on social media, or at www.taylorgirlz.net, to stay current on upcoming music and tour dates.
Also, stay tuned for visuals for Big Ole’ Booty, coming very soon.
But for now, check out a few Taylor Girlz classics below:


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