Taylor Swift reveals Cast of ‘Bad Blood’ Video

Taylor Swift is showing some crazy girl-power with posters of new music video for the song Bad Blood, from her album 1989.CEfIMiOUkAAxFqN.jpg-large

Taylor will play a character named Catastrophe in the video. The cinematic posters feature: Lily Aldridge, model, as Frostbyte; Zendaya, Actress/singer, as Cut-Throat; Hayley Williams, Paramore, as The Crimson Curse; Gigi Hadid, model, as Slay-Z; Ellie Goulding as Destructa X; Lena Dunham, actress, as Lucky Fiori and Hailee Steinfeld, actress/model, as The Trinity. It is rumored that some of the femme fatale cast will play spy-like characters. Kendrick Lamar is also rumored to make an appearance.

CErRRHqUEAARu1X.jpg-largeTaylor has made most of the announcements about the cast via Twitter. As of now Lena Dunham was the last addition to the cast. This star-packed music video is sure to be filled with action and amazement.

Swift also announced, via twitter, that every “actor/actress” in the mini film chose their own name. The video’s world premier will be at the Billboard Music Awards, May 17. It’s only a matter of time before she announces the next cast member.