Taylor for Tresses

The first lady of G.O.O.D music has really pulled a Presidential move! Many times scrolling down a social network timeline, you see many people selling and advertising hair that they sale. Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair with different textures and styles are what you see being put on display. Well Ms. Teyana Taylor is doing something for a cause. Recently on Instagram, Teyana Taylor wrote a caption that truly brought tears to my eyes from the sincerity. She speaks about a young lady who came up to her and complimented her repeatedly on her hair. Through the course of the conversation, Teyana finds out that the young lady has cancer and lost some of her hair to chemotherapy, which is a common trait that chemotherapy patients go through. From this young lady’s story and Ms. Taylor felt compelled and inspired to start a hair line called “Taylord Textures”!


This is truly an amazing story! Yet again, a celebrity using their celebrity for the greater good! This deserves a round of applause!

Whitney J.



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