Technicolor Handbags: Are they haute or not

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Is it safe to say Technicolor handbags are the “It Item” this spring?

Saving itself from creative destruction, Technicolor became an essential accessory. Found in all aspects of fashion from accessories to multi-colored furs. Spring and Resort fashion had a pop of color. A rainbow lighting up collections as we drifted from the black and gray that dominated fall lines.

In an era of designers that are aesthetically loyal, embracing this distinct design style was rather challenging. Considering whether to embrace this free spirit openly heartedly or in small dosages.

Candy hue magentas to sunny yellows and shades of blush pink were a breath of fresh technicolor air. Whimsical colorways and playful patterns became the trend of many multicolor creations. A reflection on the rich heritage of Latin America culture. Thus narrating the life of color and vibrancy among a new vision. 50 shades of textiles are found within Maria’s Technicolor by Alida Boer. A collection embodying the strength and talents of women in a culture of poor economic conditions. Consisting of clutches, totes, and satchels the second season of handbags premiered during the Spring/Summer collection.

Photo: Invited NYC
Photograph: Invited NYC
Photo: Invited NYC/ Alida Boer, Edgar Navarro


Ready for another round, new resort pieces showed off a Technicolor dream. In a futuristic wild colorful view, this theme shows off a kaleidoscope of colors.








Photos: Dujour

As if you haven’t seen enough color infused fashion Paula Cademartori, was enough to last a lifetime. A Brazilian born designer, Paula Cademartori launched her vibrant brand in 2010. 

elle handbags paula
Photo: Courtesy of Retailer

Would you say this trend is Haute or Not?

These head-to-toe primaries and colour-blocked brights set the scene for the Technicolor fashion trend.  Are you ready to say goodbye to your all black wardrobe and embrace the technicolor vibes?

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Get the latest fashion trends, the best in beauty, entertainment news, and culture to know delivered daily.