Echelon, From Their Temple to Yours!

Ladies, how many brands, and bundles of hair have you tried looking for the perfect blend, feel, and look for you? I’ll wait…

Well look no further because I’ve done the dirty work, saved you countless hours, and the torture of disappointment and found the Holy Grail for you! Have you ever wondered what hair all the celebrities are wearing? From Mishonda, Elle Varner, Angela Yee, Melyssa Ford, Rihanna and many more Echelon Hair is giving “baby hair” a whole new meaning. With four collections of pure 100% virgin Indian hair Echelon is changing what we’ve come to know as “good hair”.


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Echelon offers a variety of quality looks from their Nature Collection, Enhanced, Brazilian, and Rebel Collections.  Each delivering an unmatched level of hair caliber. From lengths, texture and longevity, this is truly the best quality hair I’ve EVER seen. What makes Echelon so great is that they are more than just high quality bundles. You can also feed your hair obsession with the finest grade of wigs, silk and lace closures as well.

echelon, dascha polanco, virgin hair, indian hair

Dascha Polanco NYFW

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “What makes Echelon so different?”, the difference is their minimal to no processing hair harvesting. There is no frying, mixing of strands, no synthetic blends, just all natural virgin Indian hair, from the temple as sacrifice to your temple. Echelon bundles come in 4oz and range from 8″ to 36″, and are fairly priced with their most expensive and longest bundle weighing in at $259. As soon as I got my hands on a bundle of Echelon hair, all I could think about is my one-year old daughter. You know that silky, smooth, soft hair babies have when they are first born? Ever covet the perfect hair on the head of an infant? Well covet no more! ALL of Echelons products are as soft, and fresh as new hair just birthed.

jessica white, virgin hair, indian hair, echelon, celebrity hair

Jessica White


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I am utterly smitten with everything Echelon, and can’t wait to install my very own bundles of Natures Collection Loose Wavy! Have you tried Echelon? Comment below and tell us what you think! Also, check back for my review on my very own install! Head over to and find out why I’m obsessed!

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