Tenekeyia’s Top Few Go To Natural Hair Styles

Do you ever get tired of your natural hair? Bored with the same old Fro? Can’t take another wash and go? I bet you’re busy and don’t necessarily feel like taking too much time on your hair. Am I right? I know because I’m the same way. Natural hair has been a movement that not everyone has been ready for. I’ve been natural for over a year, and I’ve found that it takes a lot of confidence to return to your hair’s natural state. It can be so beautiful and yet so time consuming to do anything to. Natural hair at times can take a lot of time and attention to style, and we don’t always have those luxuries to spare. Your natural hair should be your crown; a beautiful yet heavy burden. It’s a bit of a love hate thing sometimes. All my naturalists know exactly what I’m talking about. Here are a few of my favorite go to hair styles that add versatility and yet at the same time ease to your hair routine!



1. Two strand flat twists or twist out. These I typically do at night due to the timeliness. You just section your hair off in parts, take two strands (sized to your preference) and twist to the scalp. Tie it up and sleep it, and in the morning you have the choice of wearing them out for days or taking them down for big voluminous waves.




2. The Braided Crown. Starting at the middle of the head or the side of the head make a part. Braid one side and then the other around the crown and to the scalp and viola! You’re done in less than 5 mins.



3. The Frohawk. This style takes bobby pins, bobby pins, and I can not stress enough more bobby pins! With natural hair enough is never enough. You’ll lose some that your hair will somehow swallow and everything. But anyways back to business. Really I just use my hands to push up one side of my hair and bobby pin to my heart’s desire until the style is exactly how I want it and I repeat that process on the other side of my hair. There’s no real set wat to do this one. Find what works for you and style to your heart’s content.



Tenekeyia Esjuante

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Raised all over the world thanks to the Army, but roots are in Alabama. Had a passion for fashion and writing for as long as can remember. Currently a sophomore attending the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, GA; majoring in Fashion Marketing & Management/ minoring in Advertising Copywriting.