TGT Group Member ‘Tacky’ Tyrese Is At It Again!

TGT group member Tyrese Gibson is at it again. If you’ve been living under a rock, Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma are ALWAYS involved in some type of drama. Just last week, they were in court for child support issues and he won that battle. But it seems like every week he is posting things on is Instagram/Twitter that questions his tact. This time the singer posted a picture of him getting a tattoo removed from his finger with the caption:




Now, now Jody! You need to grow-up son, we (the public) don’t need to know every intricate detail of your divorced bitter life. If you claim you are as happy as you portray then live your life. You do know that one day your daughter will see this right?! Anyhow, let’s let tacty Tyrese continue to give us food for fodder. What do you think about the latest post from Tyrese.