That’s Bae! Sevyn Streeter Snags B.o.B

I found you, crowned you… ~ Sevyn Streeter

For some, bringing in 2015 meant hanging with friends, parties, church services (Watch Night right?) while others may have found themselves – BAELESS!!

However, that’s a different story for R&B singer Sevyn Streeter and rapper B.o.B.

According to reports, Streeter took B.o.B off the market when she made him her Man Crush Monday (#mcm) followed by a “I got you boo” descriptive to add.


Apparently, Streeter and B.o.B started dating about six months ago after collaborating on “Swing My Way” last summer. The song samples K.P. and Envyi’s 1998 hit, “Shorty Swing My Way,” which was produced by Jermaine Dupri.

Streeter took to her Instagram yesterday solidifying her current retirement from Beycone’s “Single Ladies” anthem by uploading the pic below:

#MCM @bobatl I found you, crowned you, turned you on…..So you know, I got what you want….Let’s be undeniable….Here’s to 2015 Bobby. #ThrowDisBack #EggplantEeeerrday #BandzAmakeMeDance #DontKillTheFun #DKTF

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While Drake may tattoo his girl’s name to make it real, B.o.B’s response was the kissy face emoji.

Reportedly, after the release of “Swing My Way,” B.o.B did an interview with Hot 107.9 and doted on Streeter’s “cool” demeanor. However, he never really confirmed if he was “dating” the 28-year-old Cancer (July 7). All viewers knew was that B.o.B. thought Streeter was “just like magic.”

He stated:

“Man, Sevyn is cool. We get along really well. I don’t know what everybody thinks.  But it don’t matter what everybody think. You know what’s interesting? Sevyn was born at 7 o’clock, on 7/7 (July 7), and she was a 7 month baby. So she’s like magic. She’s like good luck. So you’d have to make sure that if you did ask her for a date, it would have to be at the right time. Probably like 7.”

Check out the clip below:

With Valentine’s Day a month away, here’s to Streeter not making any songs like “B.A.N.S” cause “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Oh and sidenote, that is one great song off her album, “Call Me Crazy,” which was released back 2013. The album is available on iTunes.





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