The Art of Customize

Would you feel more inclined to purchase a designer item if you had the option to customize it to your liking?

Nowadays most luxury goods consumers aren’t just satisfied with purchasing any item, especially if the item is a hot commodity. The main goal is to have something that is one of a kind, or at least hard to get. Thankfully there are designers out there who allow the customer to customize their items to fit their personality.

Customize Gucci bag

One of designers offering this amazing program is Gucci. Since starting his tenure as creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele has ushered in a new way of dressing, which involves piling on the accessories and the prints. Recently he decided to let the customer in on the fun by starting the Gucci ‘DIY’ program. This program allows the customer to customize everything from accessories to clothing. Having first been offered in their flagship store in Milan, the customer is able to choose from a large assortment of embellishments including snakes, bumblebees, roses, trims, and hardware. You’re even able to personalize the Gucci monogram with swarovski crystals and add your initials.

Customize Gucci jacket

Another design house riding the customization wave is Dolce & Gabbana. At their Milan store on Via Della Spiga they offer in-store customizing on bags and sneakers. How chic would it be to be seen walking around Milan with a freshly painted bag from Dolce & Gabbana?

Customize Dolce & Gabbana bag

When you think about, it makes a lot of sense that one might consider customizing their designer item. In a world where an average designer bag can run you upwards of $3,000, you may as well spend a little extra to make your item a one-of-a-kind work of art. The true beauty is in how each and every person interprets the design and how crazy or demure they might choose to take it.

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