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The Biggest Type Of Casino Games

The Biggest Type Of Casino Games


About 80 percent of people who visit a casino always head for the slot games. Well, when dropping your coin then pushing the button or pulling the handle you always have your fingers crossed. You want to win, the following people pulled the handle or pressed the button and emerged the winners. Scott Manford, CEO of Easy Slots Casino gives his take below on some of his favorite gambling wins.

1. Cynthia Jay who won $34,959,458.56

Cynthia Jay worked in Las Vegas at Monte Carlo casino as a cocktail waitress. When she was celebrating her mother in law to be birthday on 26th January 2000, Cynthia Jay tried her luck at the Megabucks slot games machine. She tried severally, now I believe that patience pays. During her ninth pull she met her luck, she emerged the winner of $34,959,458.56. During that time, that was the largest Megabuck jackpot to be won in history.

Two weeks latter Cynthia Jay and her boyfriend Terry Brennan got married. Seven weeks later a tragedy happened and Cynthia Jay never walked again after a drunk driver slammed into Cynthia’s Camaro. During the accident, her sister died and Cynthia Jay was left paralyzed from the chest downwards. Even though the driver spent 28 years in prison for the crime, Cynthia said she would give the winning back in exchange for her sister’s life and the ability to walk again.

2. A flight attendant who won $27,580,879.60

Each and every time we spend too much than what we had budgeted for we tend to feel bad or regret, well that is not the case with the retired flight attendant from Las Vegas. At the age of 67 years, she won $27,580,879.60 on 15th November 1998 at Palace Station. She won after spending $300. She had budgeted only $100 for the slot games but she ended up spending $300. She says she doesn’t regret overspending. If you were the one who won, would you regret overspending?

3. Johanna Heundl who won $22,621,229.74

Do you know how the old expression goes? Old is…Well, on 27th May 2002 Johanna Heundi from Covina in Califonia won $22,621,229.74 at the age of 74.She won at Bally’s on her way to breakfast when she decided to stop and try her luck and play at the Megabucks machine. After pressing the button she couldn’t believe what she saw. When she turned her head back she saw aligned logos on the pay line. If she never stopped on her way to breakfast she would have never won the jackpot.

4. A business consultant won $21,346,952.22

A 49 years old Illinois man who was a self-employed business consultant won $21,346,952.22 on the 1st June 1999.He placed only $10 into the Megabuck machine at the Roman-themed property and won $21,346,952.22. I believe he is the luckiest man on earth, do you know he only tried once and emerged the multimillion-dollar winner? Are you looking to hire a business consultant? Well, you should look for this Illinois man and he will help you get the millions.

5.A woman who won $12,769,933

A woman who went to visit her niece in Vegas dropped $6 in the Megabucks slot machine and she won $12,769,933 on 21 st January 2011. Her reaction at first was that the machine had broken down, but her niece was there to clarify to her that she had won.Do you know after she won at Aria Resort four months later another person won $10,636,897 at the same resort? You should get a room at the resort, who knows, you might end up being a multi-millionaire.


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