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Summertime is approaching and it is a time to STEP OUTSIDE the BOX of safe color choices and be comfortable doing so! The transition of spring into summer is nature’s time to color a dark and dreary canvas of winter warm color and neutral tones with bright, bold and a more free spirited color pallets.

We can take our lesson and lead from Mother Nature who begins to see the bland green grass and causes flowers of all different colors and shades to blossom and create dynamic while also creating clusters of various color combinations. The sky begins to illuminate a little more and the sun is at its fullest shining bright and making no apologies!

REDS!….LIGHT BLUES!….YELLOWS!….ORANGES!….PURPLES!…. just to name a few can be used as solid colored focuses of your look such as a solid color pant or blazer or shirt, or you can use them as an accessory to add a pop of color with your pocket square, glasses, watch, bag, or even your shoes! Kontrol image 3

BUT WAIT! Bright garments are not always just solid colors, don’t forget about FLORAL PRINTS!!  POLKA DOTS!!   PAISLEY!!  and TWO – TONED pieces.

Most men are afraid to venture out and wear colors because they feel it is to overbearing to the eye or makes them stand out to much, but that all comes in how you style and bring balance to your look to insure it balancing out to the eye!

Also, its very important to understand your body and understand that if you are not a certain size then certain colors, due to needing more material, can become overbearing and you may have to concede to changing what article you introduce that color with.

kontrol image 21There is NOTHING wrong with a little color!

Men often get apprehensive and resistant of color choices outside of blue, black, gray and some will even sometimes incorporate red, but only at a very limited accent of color! Often this limitation comes from thinking coloring is only meant for females or female wardrobe and that is incorrect. In the realm of fashion and style color helps to create visual inflection and depth to cause a pop to the eye.

Next time you put a look together or get dressed for an event, just try a pop of color and see what kind of responses and looks you get!



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