The CW Superhero News: Flash casts Wally West & Arrow boasts TV’s First Black Gay Superhero is Introduced!

The CW is truly pushing the superhero genre to new heights in its programming. The Flash and iZombie are gearing up for their second seasons and Arrow, its fourth. Both shows are expanding their cast of characters with two new additions; Wally West, for The Flash and Mr. Terrific for ArrowBoth characters and their origins are well known to the average fanboy, but both have deviated from their comic roots on television. Wally is African-American and Mr. Terrific will be gay, making him television’s first Black and gay superhero!


Wally West was originally known as Kid Flash, a fellow speedster, the nephew of Iris West, and the sidekick to the second Flash, Barry Allen. Like Barry, he too gained his powers from lightning and a chemical spill. Later he went on to become the third Flash for nearly twenty years after Barry Allen was killed. The CW has decided to cast Keiynan Lonsdale in the role and it seems like a perfect fit. Keiynan is no stranger to sci-fi as he has already appeared in Insurgent. Also,the new Wally West in DC Comics’ New 52 is biracial. Keiynan will make his debut midseason in another Flash-Arrow crossover episode that will introduce the network’s newest show Legends of Tomorrow. 


As you may already know Echo Kellum has been cast in the role of Mr. Terrific on Arrow. What none of us knew is this version of the character is gay! In the comics not only is Mr. Terrific heterosexual, his girlfriend, Power Girl is Supergirl from another reality and boasts the biggest breast of any super heroine! Still, this is a first for television as the show is attempting to diversify its roster of heroes. If TV’s first Black Canary can be bisexual why can’t Mr. Terrific swing the other way? It’s a new world people, learn to live on it.

Power Girl
Power Girl

Are you as ready as we are to see Kid Flash and Mr. Terrific in action? Comment below and tell us what you think of these versions of the popular heroes.

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