The Fascinating World of Schiaparelli

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Before we begin, the name is pronounced [SKAP-e-REL-ee]. Nearly 50 years after her passing, the Italian fashion house Schiaparelli still remains one of the most fascinating and artistically influential fashion houses in the world. While many are unfamiliar with the name and equally uncertain of how its pronounced, Elsa Schiaparelli ranks in the top three fashion designers of the World War era and would eventually close its doors in 1954 before being revived in 2014.

Schiaparelli was one of the first fashion designers that I’d gravitated to when I began studying fashion as a teen. More than anything Elsa Schiaparelli was an artist, and that was what drew me to her work.

The 2014 revival for the Maison Schiaparelli fashion house was led by American-born Daniel Roseberry, who still serves as creative director of the house today. What we’ve seen from the Schiaparelli fashion house since its revival is a combination of contemporary aesthetics with an acknowledgement to its founder’s creative vision. Daniel Roseberry has not only revived the brand but see its designs on some of the most famous and influential entertainers and dignitaries around the world. Schiaparelli has been worn by Beyoncé, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, and Kim Kardashian.

The 2021 fall/winter collection is only a furtherance of the awesomeness that captivated my heart as a newbie fashion blogger. Maison Schiaparelli’s fall collection is everything that fashion dreams are made of. Instead of rambling on about my love for the Schiaparelli brand, I’ll let you draw your own opinion yourself.



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