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If you’re a 90s baby, growing up as a child you might have thought we’d be driving flying cars or teleporting to different parts of the world by now.  While we haven’t got there yet, our fashion is on the rise when it comes to technology. Check out these three mashups of fashion and technology.

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Apple watches have planted the seed for wearable technology in the jewelry department. It looks like you will have more options to choose from when you include the smart ring by MOTA. This small accessory keeps you in the loop by sending all of your notifications to your ring finger–text messages, emails, calander events, and calls.


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Fabrics of clothing are slowly changing as well,  thanks to 3D printers. These printers are able to produce mesh and light weight material. While this product is still in the infancy stage, when it reaches it’s full potential, it may change the way consumers purchase their clothes forever.  One day we may be able to choose our clothes like our music– click, download and print!


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While wearable drones are just concepts for now, we will probably start to see them on the markert within the next 10-15 years. Frog Design Inc., thought of the “breathe,” a drone that rests on your shoulder until it is activated by air polution–it springs into action by hovering in front of your face for protection.


Sci-Fi movies are starting to become more realistic with the fast paced changes in technology. Teleporting might be next on the list–giving us the option to attend all fashion events!

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