The Good and Bad About Sweating


Sweating may be the last thing you want to do, but there are actually some benefits to it. Perspiration may be bad in some cases, such as after you’ve just consumed a meal, but it’s good in others, like when you exercise. Understanding the good and bad about sweating can help you see that it’s not such a bad thing when it happens to you, even if you sweat in front of a crush or at an important meeting. Everyone sweats!

Sweating After Eating

Eating certain foods could cause a person to sweat more than usual. If you’re sweating after eating, it may be a sign it’s time to eat healthier and avoid certain meals. Eating should not take so much effort that you’re sweating profusely because of it. This would be one of the embarrassing times to sweat that you don’t want others to see. Processed and fatty foods, as well as foods high in sugar and carbs, tend to make people sweat the most. Caffeine can even be a culprit, as can alcohol. Avoiding these things and sticking with fruits and vegetables is key to keeping excessive sweating at bay. sweating


Sweating After Exercise

Exercise is the ideal time to sweat. The body gets overheated and needs a way to cool down, and that’s where sweat comes in. Not as many people feel self-conscious about sweating at the gym as they do elsewhere. That’s because you should know by now that sweating while working out is a good thing. It’s what the body is meant to do. You should incorporate more exercise into your daily routine to get a good sweat going.

Sweating for the Skin

The skin can actually benefit from sweat. The more you sweat, the more you’re opening up your pores to release impurities. These impurities can cause acne, so eliminating them through sweat can prevent pimples from forming. It’s still necessary to shower after sweating though, to ensure all dirt and grime is cleaned off of the surface of the skin.

Sweating at a Meeting

Though it’s normal to do, sweating at a meeting is less than ideal. If you want to prevent this from happening you’ll need to use an extra-strength antiperspirant. It will stop excessive sweat from leaking through the clothes and being visible to others. Wearing darker colors is also ideal since sweat tends to stain white clothes yellow. Lighter colors will show sweat easier than black and dark blue garments.

Sweat That Stinks

Certain types of sweat stink and makes it unbearable for others. Wearing deodorant is always helpful since it masks the odor. It’s also best to shower after you’ve been sweating for a while and bring perfume or cologne to cover up the smell on your clothes. Stinky sweat is not appealing in the least, but there are ways to control it. Diet is key, making sure you’re getting enough water and nutrients that keep the stench to a minimum.

No matter when you find yourself, you don’t have to be ashamed. Everyone sweats, and it’s a part of life. Though there are bad times to sweat that may seem less appealing than others, it is still nothing to be ashamed about. You may just need to switch up your diet, incorporate more exercise, and try some different products to help keep from sweating excessively.

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