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The Gospel of Pink

The Gospel of Pink

Pink has never been shy about keeping it real and when it comes to the latest MTV Video Music Awards she not only says what she feel, but also how deep down, we as viewers and fans feel. To quote the “So what” rocker EXTREMELY LOOSELY, the show sucked!  The 35-year-old singer-songwriter blew up the twitworld Thursday after she reportedly weighed in on the MTV Video Music Awards earlier that week from her private Instagram page. She let fans know that she felt “embarrassed,” “sad” and “old” while watching this year’s show. she continued on to say, “In all seriousness; I felt sad because music is supposed to inspire. It saved my life. This trash won’t save any kids life. In a world that is even scarier and with lives still worth saving, who will stand up and have soul?” she asked. “Disenfranchised to say the least. Let down by my industry and peers.”

Now lets be clear: she’s right; P!nk is right. Music has become a mere accessory to many “traditionally” attractive ego maniacs with lack luster vocals and even more foolhardy stage presence. It bedevils me how many of fan “faves” are even famous in the same genre that once housed Tupac, Biggie, Amy Winehouse, and Whitney Houston. I agree one hundred percent with the bigger picture in which P!nk was attempting to sketch out to an art illiterate public.

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I believe the real reason, the entertainment world was in such an uproar was because in true P!nk fashion, she had the balls to name drop. She gave credit where credit was do, and I feel the true shade lies in the names excluded from the Grammy winner’s lips of praise. “Beside Macklemore and Pharrell and [Justin] Bieber (pre-sob fest) and The Weeknd Tori Kelly was dope too. The rest was gross and embarrassing and hard for this aging pop star to believe.” Speak the truth. I had to join her in her praise of Soulful singer Tori Kelly as she reminded us all of the days were beauty was merely a plus to a wonder set of pipes and the stage presence that commands attention. P!nk tweeted,  “Ok @ToriKelly – fan for life. Great freaking performance tonight, you live singing, guitar playing accapella sanging woman.” You cannot deny that the above praise was just. while I am a Demi Lovato fan, even I must admit that her latest hit “Cool for the summer” isn’t much standing beside her power hits like “Skyscraper” and even Iggy disappointed, but alas that’s a horse of an entirely different color (and I don’t have the time)

Though she shaded the performers from behind the safety barracks of a private page, the rocker publicly chastised MTV for the obvious selling of their soul for ratings. Pink power-tweeting, “I’m convinced MTV just bought up all dispensaries before airing this show.” Again, this lady speaks the gospel truth. Long since the dog days of TRL and the birth of Mtv’s filth binge, many celebs have spoken about their concern for the channels neglect to keep it’s roots that were originally planted in MUSIC (hint hint, “Music tv) so P!nk’s uproar is not the first nor the last. For those of you wondering if P!nk later apologized after she was outed for her tweets, well I guess it’s safe to say you don’t know P!nk. Pink defended herself via Twitter that night stating to angry fans, “Please look for a feud elsewhere. I have no issue with Demi Lovato or anyone else. I actually forgot she performed (shade). I have opinions. MANY,” she told her followers, tweeting, “I stand by what I said. However, I didn’t intend for the angry people of the world to latch on and make it into something it isn’t. Peace.”

Stand by your word rockstar and we’ll stand by you! Comment below and tell me what you guys think! Was P!nk wrong for such harsh criticism or what she simply speaking the truth that has found it’s way to falling off all of our lips at some point? Let me know!

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