Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots- “A Cup Of Tea”

Tyler Perry we love you! The Haves and The Have Nots are back and hotter than ever!

The Ice Queen, Veronica, is mortified after witnessing Katheryn murder the District Attorney in front of her and then demands Veronica get her cleared of the charges. Veronica, however, is frozen with fear, and when Katheryn leaves the room tries to leave the house. She soon discovers all of the doors are locked–even in the kitchen! There, Katheryn tells her to have a seat, but she refuses, preferring to stand. She looks on as Katheryn calmly puts on water for tea.

tika sumpter head shot from the haves and the have nots

At Jim and David’s office Candice attacks Brandon with a metal pipe, beating him repeatedly and hitting him in the groin, demanding to know where her money is. He tells her it is gone and reveals he works in asset recovery. He tells her he can help her score a deal where she will get dozens of millions of dollars, but he needs time. She demands he give her two million right away, desperate to save Benny’s business and their homes. He manages to wrestle the pipe from her and tells her he will promises to get her what she needs. Meanwhile Jeffrey reveals to Justin that Quincy’s body is buried in Candice’s backyard!

tyler lepley from the haves & the have nots

Benny finds himself in a deep depression, preparing to lose his house and business. Hanna tells him nothing worth anything ever comes easy and that he never should have trusted his sister. Meanwhile, Katheryn asks Veronica would she likes some tea, but she refuses, asking to leave. Katheryn tells her to use the window if she wants to go. Veronica tries to apologize for what she did to Wyatt, but she only infuriates Katheryn further. Katheryn grabs a knife and a lemon, holding the former like she is going to kill someone. Veronica tries to explain why she had Wyatt attacked, claiming she was trying to rein him in. Katheryn reminds her that her son was molested as a child and that trauma caused him to be an addict! Justin promises to do what he can to help Jeffrey, just as Wyatt wakes up. He overheard Jeffrey confessing to killing someone in self-defense and asks him  who it was. Jeffrey tries to dissuade him, but he refuses to relent.

renee lawless as katheryn cryer from the haves and the have nots

Candice goes to see Benny and finds their mother there as well. She tells Benny should not come through for him. Hanna and Candice begin to argue, but Benny stops them and takes his mother’s side. Hanna keeps them from yelling, not wanting to alert Q who is upstairs resting. Candice promises to make things up to Benny by turning herself into the authorities, much to his chagrin. In jail, War and Jim make acquaintance, and the latter promises to get him out to kill Candice! Back at the Cryers’, Katheryn’s temper reaches its boiling point and she chases after Veronica with a knife. They fight on the stairs with Katheryn telling her she will kill her!

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