The Haves & The Have Nots – “A Talk With Jim”

The Haves & The Have Nots begin with Quincy beating Jeffrey to a pulp. He is surprised at how well he takes a beating and is even more amazed at how Veronica has sent him to teach him a lesson. He demands he unlock his phone but he refuses. Jeffrey tearfully takes another beating and remarks how his mother hates him. Quincy warns him he will not hold back and threatens to kill him if he does not hand over the password to his phone. Jeffrey reluctantly tells him Candice is at another hotel besides the Sarandon. Quincy helps him up and tells him what his prison name would have been, “Peaches.” He helps him clean up but warns him if Candice is not at that hotel he will come back and kill him. He breaks Jeffrey’s house phone and tries to leave, when Jeffrey hits him over the head with a bottle leaving him in the hallway.



Elsewhere, in their new car, Hanna and Benny discuss Candice’s new found wealth. Hanna is convinced she has conned someone else, while Benny believes she has gone legit. He demands to know what his father wanted from them. His mother admits he wanted to take him off life support, but does not tell him why. Benny is left confused as they pull up to their home to find Katheryn sitting at their doorstep. Benny and Katheryn finally meet, and the latter reveals she could not sleep and asks can she stay. The Youngs let her and she finds herself admiring their home. She finds it to be warm and inviting. Katheryn feels alone, but Hanna reminds her she has Veronica. Katheryn feels Veronica is a friend of convenience and cannot help her. Hanna agrees to help her with Amanda’s funeral arrangements and promises to pray for her.


At the Sarandon, David rebuffs Maggie’s advances and then faces off with Candice. He warns her not to try and see Jim or she will “awaken the dog” in him. Candice finds they are a lot alike, but he feels he is older and wiser. He tells her to take the money she has conned and move on, she in turn advises him to save his threats for Maggie. She sings a spiritual mocking him as he walks off. Katheryn returns home to find Jim grieving. He apologizes to her for all the heartache he has caused her and not listening to her about Amanda’s problems. She reminds him of how he was fond when Amanda was born and how he is now suffering for all the evil he has done. Jeffrey tends to his wounds and then checks outside to make sure Quincy has left. He slowly unlocks his door.


Maggie decides to talk to Candice about Jim. The next morning Benny tries to convince his mother to use their new car for work. She is reluctant until he proves that the car is theirs legally. She still has reservations about Candice, but Benny continues to believe in his sister. Maggie visits Candice and asks her what she wants and why she is going to see Jim. Maggie feels she can help Candice accomplish her goals; Candice in turn demands she set up an interview with her at a powerful law firm. She promises to leave Jim alone if she does. Maggie enlists David’s help. At the Cryers’, Wyatt calls Jennifer and asks her to come over and discuss the hit and run and promises to give her a confession about everything. She promises to come by after court.


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