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The Haves & The Have Nots- “An Evil Soul”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “An Evil Soul”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with War interrogating Candace. He demands she hand over the money she swindled him out of. She tells him she no longer has it and pleads with him not to kill her. He recounts all the times her mother looked after him growing up and expresses remorse over having to harm her. He warns her not to move and he will make her murder quick. He pulls out a gun and fires a warning shot at her. He demands she get him the money he is owed, but she tells him it was marked and taken from her by Oscar. She promises to have it for him in a week, he warns her that if she is a day late then she is dead. Candace asks him to help her dispose of Quincy’s body. He agrees but tells her if he does her that “favor” then she will forfeit her life. She decides to take care of Quincy alone. War then insists she have sex with him before he leaves.

Aaron O'Connell Wyatt Cryer hey mikey atl

Wyatt does a urine test for Jennifer to get his trust fund released to him. She advises him to stay in a hotel until he finds a place to stay and questions him about Jeffery’s drinking. He tells her that it is unlike him to drink and decides he will move into the Sarandon Hotel. When he leaves her assistant brings her a file that has her startled. Maggie has managed to get a court order from another judge to release David. Jennifer questions her relationship with David when she does not try and get Jim out too. The two face off over the issue, with Maggie agreeing to wait until after David is interviewed. At the tow yard, Benny’s friend warns him not to trust War, but he feels he is wrong about him. He recounts how War is like a brother to him and helped him and Candace growing up.

Katheryn Cryer hey mikey atl

Jennifer decides to interview Katheryn and tries to blackmail her into giving her the ammo she needs to take down Jim. She tries to use her father’s sins against her and threatens to use the women he hurt against her. Katheryn reminds her of her legacy and the power she holds in Savannah. She demands she receive her phone call, but Jennifer refuses and sends her back to her cell. Katheryn tells her Veronica was right about her being a “dumb bitch.” The guard separates Veronica from Katheryn and places her on the same side of the jail as David and Jim. There, Veronica and Jim trade jabs about her affair and him getting beaten by Quincy. David refuses to defend her as Jim insults her much to Veronica’s chagrin. She tells her husband not to be Jim’s flunky and demands he speak up for her. A guard escorts Jeffery to the cell between them, much to everyone’s dismay.


Jeffery’s parents question him about his arrest. They are shocked to learn it was from a DUI. Veronica admonishes him for his behavior and he lashes out at her. She threatens him, warning him she will make him regret everything he has said to her. He in turn warns her he will make her pay for everything she has done to him. He also implies he knows who she has been having an affair, but refuses to identify Benny. Jim chimes in, praising Jeffery for standing up to his mother and tells Veronica she cannot control the “gay” out of him. She makes a joke about Amanda’s suicide, enraging Jim. He tells David and Jeffery she had Wyatt raped, and Jeffery in return reveals she released Quincy from prison. He tells her she she is an evil soul and  promises her he will see to it she is never released from jail.

Benny arrives at Candace’s house unannounced and demands to know how she got the money for the houses and tow yard. Candace refuses to let him come in, feigning sick, and refuses to answer his questions. He forces his way inside and finds Quincy’s corpse!


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