The Haves & The Have Nots- “Beg For What You Need”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begin with Jeffery telling Justin he is gay and proud, and trying to get him to be comfortable with himself. They are interrupted when Candice returns home. Justin tells her he is there due to a break in and then questions her about Quita. With some help from Jeffery she tells him she was expecting her to visit, but forgot to give her a key. Justin leaves shortly thereafter and Candice questions him about Justin, noticing his pants were unzipped. Jeffery tells her that he was questioning him all day and that he is crazy. He begins to look for his keys to leave, but cannot find the. He tracks his keys using her phone, just as Erica arrives. She reminds Candice she still has War to deal with. Jeffery becomes frantic when he realizes his keys are buried under a pile of dirt in her backyard, unaware Quincy is buried there! At the Cryers’ home, Hanna checks every drawer, piece of furniture, purse, and coat pocket for money.

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Veronica gets Quita out of jail and then questions her about her home. She reveals someone is waiting at her home to kill her, and that her husband was behind it. Veronica is reluctant to believe her, but leaves Quita alone and without a ride to anywhere. Jeffery continues to try and get his keys, but Candice manages to stop him by demanding he leave the dirt alone. When Erica leaves she tells him that is where Quincy was buried and tells him to get a locksmith to get a new set of keys. Jeffery begins to break down and then tells her about Justin coming on to him. Candice tells him they can use his closeted behavior as leverage and tells Jeffery to entice him. Candice leaves to talk to Benny.  At the tow yard,  Benny’s friend complains about how his affair is affecting their business. When Candice arrives she tells him she needs to mortgage their homes and the tow yard. Benny becomes angry and demands to know what is going on with her. War arrives and plays nice with Candace, hugging her, and warning her not to say anything to her brother. When he leaves she pushes him to sue the Cryers, telling him he can get at least ten million dollars. She tells him that she has spoken to a lawyer that can help them. Benny reluctantly agrees.

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At the Sarandon, Wyatt continues to get high and party. Meanwhile, Katheryn learns from her banker that Wyatt now has his inheritance. She goes to the jail and alerts Jim, who tells her to remind Jennifer of her power. David goes to the jail desperate to find out what has happened to his wife. He begs Jennifer to let him speak with David. Jennifer reluctantly agrees. Candice’s attorney tells Benny his case should be easy and commends Candice for her ferocity, telling her she will make a great lawyer. Katheryn and Hanna face off when the latter tells her she has scrounged through her house and found over nine hundred dollars and demands the other six hundred from her check on the first. Katheryn begs her not to leave trying to buy her loyalty and compliance, telling her that no one has ever cared for her like she has. Hanna refuses and heads to the hospital. There, Ms. Delong tells her she cannot see Q, and has sided with his mother. Hanna notices the bruise on her face and realizes Candice got to her.


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