The Haves & The Have Nots- “Dianna Whinchil”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Maggie mortified as Celine begins to speak about her relationship with Jim. She tries to get them to stop the program, but they tell her they cannot because it is live. Celine is apprehensive to talk, but Carlos tells Diana she is doing it at his behest. Diana questions him about the twenty-eight year long affair he has had with her, much to Katheryn’s chagrin. Diana insists everyone speak up. Carlos declares his father is a rich man who let his children grow up in squalor and should not be governor since he cannot govern his own house! Dianna suggests he apologize to his sons, but Carlos stops him telling him he does not need a father, but his little brother Jimmy does. Maggie ends the broadcast by pouring coffee into the camera equipment. She demands Dianna leave, while Jim makes his campaign staff leave.

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Veronica pokes fun at Jim’s affairs until Maggie calls her out. Before they can start Veronica reveals she found David and Maggie together in the Sarandon. David again tells her nothing happened. Veronica blames Jim for undoing all their gubernatorial work. He demands she leaves and they begin to argue. She reveals to him she set up Wyatt to be sexually assaulted in prison. Jim chokes her on the desk! It takes Landon and David to pull him off of her. David warns him to never put his hands on his wife again and then leaves to go after her. Katheryn demands to know what is going on.

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Elsewhere, Quita demands Quincy go after Benny for stealing Q and putting his hands on her. Quincy assures her he will make Benny pay. Their conversation is interrupted by a police officer who questions Quita about her brother’s whereabouts. She adamantly refuses to let the officer look around without a warrant and sends her to The Youngs’ residence. She tells Quincy to go after Candace and her family and take no prisoners just like they use to do. Benny arrives at The Cryers’ home to give his mother a ride home from work and show her his tow yard. He also gives her a new SUV to drive. At the Sarandon, Jeffrey watches over Wyatt as he sleeps.Landon arrives with a bottle of wine to apologize to him and tell him what happened at the campaign office. He tells Jeffrey he is not the type of guy who can sleep with someone with no attachments. Jeffrey tells him he is not into him, but Landon assumes it is because he is in love with Wyatt. He gives Jeffrey a do over flag, telling him that if he got to know him he would really like him.

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Jeffrey tells him he does not know how to get over loving someone who does not love him. Landon teaches him to take it slowly. There conversation is interrupted when Veronica arrives demanding to know why Jeffrey has not gone to see Melissa. Jeffrey and his mother face off, she reveals to Landon her son will soon be a father. Jeffrey in turn tells her to stop threatening him and demands she follow through. He kisses Landon in front of her, silencing her. She walks away. Landon tries to come in to spend time with him, but he tells him Wyatt is there sleeping. Landon warns him that Wyatt is using him.

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Candace and Oscar show the social worker her new home and the deed to it. She tells Candace she cannot verify where she works and has found out online she was an escort. Candace insists she has not done that in awhile and only did it to put herself through school. To prove she has stable income Oscar wires $500K to her account. When the social worker leaves he tells her she has to pay him back, but trusts that she is good for it. Hanna admires Benny’s tow yard and then takes her to their new home. She loves the new home, but has grave reservations about it. He lies, telling her it came with the tow yard. She refuses to stay there with him, until he convinces her to stay there for one night to keep Quincy from finding them. He shows her, her new room and surprises her with her own clothes in the wardrobe. Candace and Oscar hook up after she has found out he really transferred her the money. They realize they both really like each other. Meanwhile, Hanna informed Benny that Candace’s job could not be verified and that he was conned. At the campaign office, Maggie tells Jim she feels he should give up running for governor. David and Jim face off with the former warning him against going after Veronica. Jim declares war on all of his enemies, ordering a bloodbath for Veronica, the officer who allowed Wyatt to be raped, and the Amanda’s rapist professor!

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