The Haves & The Have Nots- “Immunity”

The Haves & The Have Nots turn shocking when Benny learns of Quincy’s death after pushing his way into Candace’s home and finding his body on the floor. He demands to know what has happened. Candace explains he attacked her, and that she and Jeffrey killed him in self-defense. Benny explains to her that the number of stab wounds makes it look like a murder and not self-defense. She tells him she does not know where Jeffrey is and cannot call him because she destroyed his phone when he tried to call the police. She also tells him she cannot lift Quincy’s body, and even if she could her nosy neighbor would see her. Benny tells her he will deal with Quincy’s body and tells her to find Jeffrey. At the jail, Jennifer releases Jeffrey from his cell to question him, his parents warn him not to say anything to her. Meanwhile, Jim continues to berate Veronica, earning David’s wrath. The two of them began to fight, much to Veronica’s pleasure.

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Jennifer tells Jeffrey she cannot offer him immunity if he does not testify against his parents and The Cryers. He refuses to testify against his father and The Cryers, telling her he only knows of their doings through hearsay. However, he agrees to testify against his mother, revealing she blackmailed him with The Sedan to make him stop being gay. Jennifer agrees to his terms and tells him that his father is getting released thanks to Maggie. As David is released he earns Jim distrust and ire, and Veronica asks him to get her out too. He refuses, telling her as long as she is incarcerated then their son is safe. Jennifer demands to know who Maggie is to him, but he tells her she works for him. Jennifer does not buy it, and tells him he will defend his wife to his detriment. In the jail lobby, David admonishes Maggie for revealing Veronica’s affair in the newspaper. She tells him she did it for him, but that she does not know who Veronica has been having the affair with.

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Elsewhere, Quita gets one of Quincy’s boys to track him by his phone and prepares to go after her brother. At the hotel, Hanna learns Q is getting sicker and has a fever. Jeffrey goes to The Cryers’ home and confronts Wyatt about what he has done. Wyatt tells him everything will be fine since they have their immunity and he has his inheritance. Jeffrey tells him he does not need it and warns him against using it. Candace arrives and demands to talk to Jeffrey about what has transpired. Wyatt foolishly believes they are talking about his crime and reveals it was him who hit Benny and Lizzie. Candace is taken aback, but warns Jeffrey not to tell the police anything since he was involved in Quincy’s murder. Hanna struggles to get Q to the doctor and tries to catch a cab to the hospital, but does not have enough money. Q ends up passing out and Hanna quickly carries him to the hospital.

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