The Haves & The Have Nots- “In Crisis”

Civil War erupts on The Haves & The Have Nots as Jim and Wyatt clash over the others’ ills. Wyatt threatens to take everyone down in his grief and reminds his father how his adultery left him at camp at the hands of a lecherous priest at camp. David and Jeffrey try to keep them apart but they continue to fight. The Harringtons manage to calm them down and David sends Jeffrey after Wyatt. Veronica stops him and orders him home. She tells him his “guest” should be there waiting for him by now. Candice calls Jeffrey to find to see if Amanda’s death actually happened. He confirms her demise and reminds Candice he warned her she suicidal awhile back.


Veronica and David face off over Jeffrey and Melissa again. David tells her he is going to call Melissa and tell her to back off. Veronica calls the girl for him and he tries to dissuade her from pursung Jeffrey but she inisists on seeing him. Benny calls Candice to tell her he and their mother are coming to see her. Candice tries to deny him, but he insists she wanted to see her after Amanda’s demise. She reluctantly agrees to see her.



Hanna and Benny arrive at the Sarandon Hotel to see Candice. There, Hanna apologizes to her daughter for not being able to fully meet her needs growing up. Candice demands she apologize for more, revealing that one of Hanna’s ex-boyfriends molested her when she was five years old. She believes her mother did nothing to protect her but Hanna reveals she had him arrested. She tells Candice she loves her and the two tearily embrace. Back at the Cryers, Candice and Veronica tries to calm Katheryn down. Katheryn laments about the passage of time and their children really being their own individuals. She tells Veronica that Jeffrey is gay and there is nothing she can do about it. Veronica keeps her composure and leaves, promising to call her in the morning.


Jeffrey arrives home to find Quincy asleep in his apartment. The latter demands to know where Candice is, but Jeffrey refuses to tell him. Quincy reveals Veronica released him to take out Candice. Jeffrey calls his mother, who confirms Quincy’s revelation and admonishes the criminal for snitching on her. She tells her son he will hurt him if he does not give Candice up. Quincy puts on a pair of brass knuckles and attacks him. Although Jeffrey fights back he is beaten badly.

Veronica is evil! Enough said!



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