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The Haves & The Have Nots- “My Friend Maggie”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “My Friend Maggie”

The Haves & The Have Nots begin with a bang as a gunman shoots Maggie six times in the chest and stomach as she enters Veronica’s home, killing her! Outside, an officer shields Veronica as the gunman tries to flee, killing him in a shoot out. Veronica pretends to cry for Maggie, all the while smiling. At Candice’s home Jeffrey laments on how his mother is going to ruin his life. He blames Candice for getting him involved with everything that has happened lately. He tells her he wishes he could be more like her, his mother, and Wyatt–conniving and manipulative, because then he would be one step ahead of all of them. Candice tells him he has to return to his mother and Melissa, long enough to figure out what the latter is up to. Jeffrey resists, telling her he has to take out his mother before she takes him out. He also reveals that Benny and his mother are having an affair. Candice refuses to believe him.


Benny finds Hanna sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. He tries to console her after her fight with Candice and tells her they were both wrong. Hanna tells him she is threw with Candice and warns him not to sue the Cryers, feeling he should earn his own money the right way and tells him how their lives have imploded from hiding all their scandals. She tells him gaining his house and tow yard have vindicated him. He agrees not to sue the Cryers if she agrees to move in with him. Hanna reluctantly agrees if she will ask Candice to give Q over to him. He agrees to talk with his sister. At the Sarandon, the hotel staff find Wyatt’s lifeless, overdosed body and declare him dead!

peter parros hey mikey atl

David drives by Veronica’s house and sees the police covering up bodies. He believes his wife is dead and speeds away. Jeffrey goes to The Sarandon for a drink at the bar. There, a drunken woman tries to come onto him. When he resists her advances she throws a drink on him. Her friends intervene and try to apologize to him. When one of them realizes he is Veronica’s son, she tells him she cannot speak to him as she is the judge on her case. She asks her husband, who we learn is the crooked cop, Justin to pay for his drink. When his wife leaves, Justin demands to know why Jeffrey is there, feeling he is trying to set him up. Jeffrey tells him his room number and to not be late. Elsewhere, Candice receives news from her banker that her loan will be processed in two days, unaware it is a ploy set up by Jim. She calls War to tell him she has news and asks him to meet her at Benny’s tow yard.

Jon Chaffin as "War"
Jon Chaffin as “War”

Later, at the tow yard, Mitch hooks up with a girl in the back of one of the trucks. They hide when they spot War and Candice. War continues to berate her for lying to him initially even though she tells him the news about the loan. He tells her if she does not have the money in two days he is going to hurt Benny. He then admires her dress and pushes her up against a fence and begins to have sex with her! Mitch looks on horrified! At the Sarandon, Justin comes to see Jeffrey and demands answers. Instead, Jeffrey tries to get him to have a drink and psychoanalyzes him. Justin finds him intriguing. Candice arrives home to find her brother waiting for her. There, he questions her about how she got the houses and his tow yard. She lies again, telling him she is Jim’s lover and shows him photos from when he was held hostage, making Benny think he is into kinky stuff. He then tells her he will not sue the Cryers and prefers to make it on his own. Candice is disappointed, and then refuses to give Q to him when he asks; believing he will only hand him over to their mother. She confronts him about Veronica, but he leaves before she can finish her inquisition. David pays off one of the guards at the jail to let him in Jim’s cell. There, he beats his former friend furiously, believing he has killed Veronica!




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