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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Oscar”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Oscar”

The Haves & The Haves Nots begins with a heated confrontation between David and Landon, as the latter tries to convince him to stop Veronica from hurting Jeffrey. He tells David he is being silent in the situation involving his family and failing his son. Maggie interrupts their conversation and tells Landon he is not fired despite David’s misgivings. She and David arrange Candice’s interview with the law firm, but neither trust she will stay away from Jim. A man approaches Candice, hitting on her, but she tries to deter him by revealing she is a prostitute that charges $25K/hr!


At the Cryers’ home Celine arrives for work and demands Hanna move her car out of her parking space. She in turn tells Celine she no longer works there and to leave. Katheryn calls for Hanna and tells her of the arrangements she would like made for Amanda’s funeral. Hanna tells her she has arranged for Amanda’s room to be cleaned; Katheryn insists all of her belongings be packed up as well. Hanna advises her that her grief will come in waves, but Katheryn feels them all at once when she sees Celine. Katheryn demands she leaves but she refuses. Jim fires her and demands Wyatt go to his room as he chides Celine for being his father’s “baby mama.”



Benny and his friend dream about owning their towing company. He receives a phone call from Erica, the woman he bought Hanna’s car from. He fears she wants the car back, but she simply wants a book out of it. His friend thinks she wants to holler at him on the sly. Back at the Cryers’ house Jim berates Hanna for having Amanda’s room. She rebukes him and threatens to leave for good if he ever speaks to her that way again. He demands she leaves. He closes Amanda’s door and cries over seeing her blood splattered onto the wall. Hanna realizes she cannot leave and comforts Jim, she explains that is why she wanted the room cleaned. She tells him she was trying to spare him and his family, and tells him to allow her to do her job and take care of them. Wyatt finds Hanna with his father and begins to tear up over the scene in his sister’s room. Hanna tells Jim God will forgive him.

Tyler Perry's "The Haves And The Have Nots"

Landon and Candice have a drink at the bar, while Candice’s suitor brings her a bag of money–$100K! He reveals his name is Oscar and that he is a vice cop. She sees through his ruse and they play a cat and mouse game of trying to figure each other out. He leaves her his card to call him, but she refuses to. Landon reveals Oscar’s background as a stockbroker and former athlete. Elsewhere, Quincy returns to Jeffrey’s apartment and kicks in his door after he realizes he has been duped. Jeffrey is nowhere to be found so he calls Candice on his phone. Landon answers it and realizes it is not Jeffrey, Candice goes to David for help. She tells him to call his son, fearing he is in trouble. She tells him she believes Veronica has hurt Jeffrey, but David believes she is the culprit and warns her she will regret it if she has done anything to him. Hanna returns home after work and thanks Benny for the car again. She finds Tony there, Benny demands answers about what happened in the hospital. Benny begins to question his knowledge of him and demands to know why he felt he knew what was best for him. Tony lies saying he thought he would not want to have been a burden. Hanna demands he tell him the truth, but he refuses and leaves. Oscar continues his pursuit of Candice, while Wyatt comes clean to Jennifer.



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