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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Paid In Full”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Paid In Full”

It’s mayhem on Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots as Candace and Jeffrey scramble to hide Quincy and answer the door. She decides to stall whoever is at the door while Jeffrey gets dressed. She answers the door nude and finds a cop at the door telling her has a complaint from her neighbor across the street about one of her guest parking on the street in front of her home. He demands she moves it immediately, while being distracted by her body. Candace closes the door and tries to get Jeffery to help her find Quincy’s keys, as it is his car parked in front of the neighbor’s home. Jeffrey helps her get the keys from Quincy’s back pocket and then goes to move the car. He realizes it is a stick shift–and he does not know how to drive it! He struggles to get the car under control, raising the cop’s suspicion. Candace flirts with the officer harder while Jeffery figures out how to drive the car and speeds away. The cop notices he was distressed and Candace lies telling him his mother caught him in bed with his boyfriend. The officer leaves and alerts her that his mother is her nosy neighbor. He decides to go after Jeffery, but Candace stalls him by flirting with him and giving him her number despite him being married.


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At the jail, Katheryn wonders what could have made Wyatt so angry that he would sell them out to Jennifer. She recalls him only being this angry with them after he molested while away at summer camp when he was younger. She soon surmises that he was violated in prison. She vows to channel her father and make whoever hurt her son pay if he has been harmed in any way. Veronica tries to get her to calm down to no avail, knowing what has happened. Meanwhile, Jennifer tries to offer David a plea deal. She takes him to an interrogation room and offers him immunity if he will tell her everything she needs to know about Jim. David’s loyalty remains intact and he refuses. Jennifer reveals they were once involved and tells him she still loves him. He rebuffs her advances and tries to negotiate a plea deal for his wife as well. She relents, but only if he sells out Jim. He still refuses. She begs him not to make her prosecute him and tries to force herself on him, but he still refuses to give into her. She dismisses him back to his cell. There, Jim is surprised to learn David did not sell him out and the two reaffirm their friendship. David asks him what he has in store for Veronica, but Jim tells him nothing. He extends an “olive branch” and offers to let him punish Veronica himself. David refuses, but then agrees when he realizes Jim’s punishment will be much worse.

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Quita continues to try and reach Quincy, unaware of what has happened to him. She asks a group of thugs who work for him about his whereabouts. None of them know, but after some prying from her, reveal they have been ordered by Jim Cryer to shoot Veronica in her home when she is released from prison. Benny goes to see his mother at the hotel and tries to persuade her to come back home with him. He reveals Candace legally paid for both houses and his tow yard. Hanna refuses, feeling her children are liars. Benny tells her he loves her and that he will return to get her and Q the next day. Elsewhere, Jeffery drunk calls Wyatt from a pay phone and tells him he is coming over to talk to him. Wyatt, elated to have the house to himself, warns him he is having company. As Jeffery heads toward him the cop from earlier pulls him over and arrests him when he fails to pass a sobriety test.

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