The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Cougar”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with naughty behavior as Hanna walks in on Veronica and Benny as they make love. She is shocked, but manages to hold off David, thanks to a phone call from Jeffrey telling him him that Veronica has canceled his credit cards and room. David puts Jeffrey’s expenses on his card while Hanna angrily fetches his keys from Benny. She tells David her son is sleepy and warns them to be quiet because David is on the other side of the door.


David asks to speak directly with Benny, but Hanna tries to stall him. Benny emerges from his room to answer David’s questions. There, he tells David that Veronica asked him to drive her home in it because she had been drinking and said she would tell him when to drop it back off. David relents and leaves with the car, but not before noticing hand prints on the window and ceiling! When he pulls off Hanna lays into Veronica and Benny, admonishing the former for sleeping with her son and the latter for messing with a married, older woman. She demands Veronica leave and wait for her car service outside. Hanna continues to yell at Benny demanding that he never see her again. He tells her they have hooked up twice, because “she threw it out there.” Hanna threatens to put him out. He reminds her that he is there to help her and leaves angrily. Outside,he tries to offer Veronica a ride home, but she stops him.


Jeffrey arrives at Candace’s room with a bag of pregnancy tests. He tells Candace he had to pay for them with cash since his mother cut him off. Candace tosses him a stack of cash and tells him to get on his feet and pay her back when he can. He gives her the money back. She tells him he should move in with her in the new house she is about to buy. Melissa arrives and they make her take a pregnancy test. She takes longer than expected, but emerges with positive results. She begs Jeffrey to be with her and their baby but he refuses. He tells her she is not having the baby, but she refuses to get an abortion, threatening to go after him for everything he is worth if his mother backs out of their deal. Elsewhere, Jim takes Wyatt to prison.

Benny arrives at Candace’s room to borrow $5K from her. She gives him $10K instead. They leave to see a surprise she has for him. Benny becomes skeptical of her new found wealth when he sees her car. As they drive he questions how she has gotten everything. She assures him she has a good job and good credit. Jim takes Wyatt to be processed in like an inmate. There, the processing officer  photographs him into the system as Norman Hewens and demands he undress for a cavity search. He refuses, prompting the officers to forcibly remove his clothing. Candace’s surprise for Benny is the tow truck company he wanted to buy. He is overjoyed, but realizes his sister is lying to him. He demands she take him to her job to prove her money is legit. At The Sarandon, Maggie and David have a drink at the bar. She struggles to keep from telling him the truth about Veronica and her affair.


Candace enlists David’s aide in fooling Benny, demanding he comply or she will go to the media about him. David has Maggie head over to the law firm Candace wants to work at and calls in a few favors. Meanwhile, Hanna confronts Veronica outside about sleeping with her son and threatens to tell David in 24 hours if she does not. Veronica remains unmoved by her threats. At the prison, Jim introduces Wyatt to Norman Hewens the man he framed for his crimes. He makes them strip and swap clothing. He informs Wyatt he is taking Norman to dinner as his son and leaving him there overnight. Wyatt begs him not to leave him to no avail!

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