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The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Right Medicine”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Right Medicine”

Candace jumps when she feels Quincy touch her ankle. She is terrified to find he is still alive. He begs her to help him, but she reminds him of all the times he beat her, pimped her out to her friends, and when he lied about killing their son. He warns her she will get a murder charge if he dies, but she tells him she is going to watch him die. Elsewhere, the cop who Candace flirted with handcuffs Jeffery and then questions him about Candace. He tells the officer they are just friends. The officer tells him he knows he is gay and then rubs his waist. He tells him he finds gay men disgusting and admonishes him. He puts him in the back of the car and then gets in with him. He tries to convince Jeffery to give him felatio in exchange for his freedom. Jeffery refuses and the dispatcher informs the officer the DA wants him brought in. Candice looks on as Quincy dies, despite his warnings about their son’s health. Meanwhile, Quita continues to wait for Quincy until one of his henchmen tells her that she can track him down by tracking his phone. She demands he show her.


Jennifer gets a judge to sign off on releasing Wyatt’s trust fund, convincing him he is now responsible. Elsewhere, Benny finds himself swamped with work and calls War over to offer him a job. There, War has his girl answer the phones while they talk business. Benny reveals Candace bought him the tow yard after coming into some money. He also invites his friend, Mitch, over with the same offer. War soon realizes how Candace came into her money and that she cheated him out of millions. He asks Benny where she lives. At the hotel, Hanna finds herself short on money to stay any longer. She calls Ms. DeLong, the social worker, to tell her about her whereabouts. She in turn tells her she cannot allow Q to be in an unstable environment and will have to come and pick him up if she does not have stable housing. Hanna finds Q hot and sweating. He tells her he needs his medicine, but becomes scared when she mentions he may have to go back to the hospital.

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At the campaign office, Landon informs Maggie that the press now has Veronica’s photos with Benny. The latter also arranges to have David alone released from prison. Landon admonishes her for her actions, but she is bent on spending time alone with him. Jennifer learns from one of the officers that Jeffery has been arrested. Jennifer tells her to hold him there until she arrives and requests he be put in a cell between his parents and the Cryers. She also requests a newspaper with Veronica’s cheating antics be sent to David’s cell. Elsewhere, Wyatt calls over a dealer who supplies him with a chemical that will make him drug test clean even if he is getting high. Wyatt promises to pay the dealer when he gets his inheritance and is convinced to invite some of his friends over.

tika sumpter the haves and the have nots hey mikey atl

At the jail Katheryn and Veronica learn about the latter’s affair when they receive a newspaper. Veronica is shocked and immediately blames Maggie for the publication. She refuses to talk with Katheryn about what is going or who was in the picture. Meanwhile, Jim shows David the newspaper. He is heartbroken. Candace is convinced Quincy is dead and kicks him just as her door rings. War goes to see Candace and attacks her in her home for conning him! He also spots Quincy’s corpse!


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