The Importance of Choosing a Pair of Shoes that Matches Your Personality

It’s no secret that you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of shoes they wear. So it goes without saying that choosing the kind of shoes that best match your personality is the perfect way to give people a great first impression of you. There is some importance of choosing a pair of shoes.

Here’s our guide on how to choose a pair of shoes that matches your personality.

1. Keep it simple with sneakers


If you’re the kind of person that values function over form, then you’re probably getting around town in your trusted pair of sneakers. Sneakers are the go to for people who want to be comfortable, but who are also on their feet a lot during the day. Choosing sneakers are easy when you check out the reviews at Wearing sneakers shows that you’re low maintenance and understated, yet active and easy going.

2. Get noticed in some pumps

If you want to be noticed in your day to day routine, you’ll be wearing pumps. Some say that the higher the heel on your pumps, the more heads you will turn. Pumps give off a feminine charm and give great definition to your calf muscles, but they’re not for everyone. In order to pull off wearing a heel, you require confidence and grace and you won’t mind the occasional discomfort.

3. Be graceful in ballet flats

Ballet flats have become all the rage in the past ten years and for good reason. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are far easier to walk in than pumps, and even more convenient than wearing sneakers. You can just slip them on and away you go. The flats-wearer is unimposing yet likes to feel feminine.

4. Be dominant in boots

Boots are strong and practical, with uses ranging from protection in wet weather and work situations, to support and function. If you’re into wearing boots, then you have a dominant personality and there’s nothing that can get in your way. If you want to show off your independence and command respect from people, then consider boots as your shoe choice.

5. Be casual in sandals

If you’re not caring what people think and you just want to feel free and easy, then sandals are the way to go. Sandals are great for quick trips out to the store, or for wearing when the weather is hot, but their real value comes in situations where other shoes just don’t cut it. For instance, a walk on the beach would be terrible in pumps or boots! Choose sandals if you don’t care what people think and just want to be yourself.

Shoes say a lot about your personality, and it can be important to pick a shoe that can make a lasting impression on others. Each shoe type portrays certain characteristics, and choosing the right one can be a laborious task. Use our guide the next time you go shoe shopping and you’ll find the right shoe for your personality.

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