“The Lego Batman” Movie–Enough Said!

With all the talk surrounding Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justiceeveryone’s favorite Dark Knight is truly having the best day ever! Batman has surely become the quintessential superhero in recent years due to his ingenuity, natural capabilities, and simply because he is cool as Hell! Well now The Caped Crusader is back, albeit in a different form, enter Lego Batman! Yep, get ready to see Batman as you have never seen him before in February 2017. Check out the hilarious trailer below!

All we can say is: “Superman eat your heart out!” This film definitely has the makings of a hit, especially when you learn Warner Bros. is behind it. As the trailer reminds us this film comes on the tails of some pretty awesome and momentous preceding films. We just wonder what the plot of the movie will be about. Besides the jokes, puns, and Lego loving action, he has to be about to lay a serious superhero smack down on some Lego Gotham villain. The Joker would be too cliche or overdone, maybe Killer Moth or one of the Clayfaces will do. Either way we will be sure to catch his flick upon its release and you be sure to do the same!

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