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The Most Common Snakes and Where They Could Be Hiding in And Around Your Home

The Most Common Snakes and Where They Could Be Hiding in And Around Your Home

To fully enjoy your outside space in your home, you must understand how to identify the signs of snakes in house. It is essential to know how to control the snake population, and when in doubt, it is recommended to seek professional help from a pest control company immediately. 

Snake on young woman naked body.

There are many snake species in the wilderness, and chances are you may not be sure of the type at first glance. Seeking professional help will eradicate their invasion in and around your home. Here are a few common snakes that you may find lurking in your home.   

Banded Water Snake 

One of the most common snakes you can find in your backyard includes the Banded water snake. The non-venomous, 100cm long snake is also common in aquatic habitats. The banded water snake species vary in size and color, ranging from 61-106cm, and colors ranging from light brown to darker shades. 


This dark color makes it easy for the snakes to maneuver during the night and daytime. They primarily pray on small fish and amphibians, and that is why you will find them near shallow water, hanging over branches, or basking on logs.    

Black Racer 

Amongst all snakes, black snakes are perceived as dangerous, and the 152cm large Black Racer is no different. Although it is a non-venomous snake, it can cause severe damage to human skin or your dog pet. The black racer is a reasonably slender snake with a dark grey belly, smooth scale skin, and large eyes. 


Due to its size and physical appearance, people generally mistake it for dark coachwhips, black kingsnakes, black-phase eastern hognose snakes, or black rat snakes. One of the most significant differences between the black racer and other look-alike snakes is that it explosively attacks when you approach it, whereas others freeze. You will most likely come across a black racer during the warmer season and act during the daytime. 


They often hunt during the day, and when it’s dark, they find shelter under tins or boards nearby. The black racer’s biggest preys include other snakes, amphibians, rodents, birds, snakes, lizards, and insects. When it’s warmer during the summer season, you need to scan your entire yard for and background, as black racers mate and hatch during this season.  

Timber Rattlesnake 

In this list of three common snakes you can find in your backyard, the Timber rattlesnake is the most dangerous. Not only is it venomous, but it is large, and when it strikes, it can cause a deadly infection or worse. Timber rattlesnakes are identifiable as large, gray-skinned snakes, ranging from 76-183com. Although many timber snakes have grey skin in common, they differ with brown stripes, orange, yellow and pinkish strips running through the back. 


Timber rattlesnakes enjoy the warmer spring season and operate freely above ground until it gets cold again. One of its hunting tactics is staying coiled up until it’s time to pounce on a pray. Remember, timber rattlesnakes are venomous and dangerous, so be on the lookout, whether it’s day or night. If you have a suspicion, do not hesitate to call a professional to help abstract their form.







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