The New Mood: Spring 2013 Fashion Trends you’ll want to wear

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Spring 2013 Fashion Trends are popping up every where and we have two great trends you should look out for BOHEMIAN GLAM and  LEATHER. These two treads are a great way to kick off spring and update your wardrobe. Spring 2013 is showcasing black and white everywhere but mix it up with some great colored leather pieces like belts and gloves if your edgy.  Check out our spring 2013 trend report below.


BCBG Runway
Boho fashion seems to many as the craft of “throwing yourself together” when, in actuality, it’s an age old art form that few have mastered. Whether you woke up late or chose to go for the “just-rolled- out-of-bed look,” the idea behind this is no one should know you’re simply thrown together except you. While few people know this, and even fewer understand it, this ancient “shabby-chic” trend has been retouched and given great appeal for spring 2013

Urban Outfitters Stolen Girlfriends Club Hands On Belt



While I’m typically more excited about fall and winter. Spring, surprisingly, follows a similar path as its seasonal counterparts— leather. Combining this multifaceted material with corset belts and harnesses calls to mind one of the foremost generalizations of this material—SEX.
.Burak UyanMilitary Harness Top ShopCarven Beltby Akeem J

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