The New Wave of Customization

Some things in life are one-size fits all…actually nothing is probably one size fit. Honestly we as human are so amazingly different and diverse that it is just near impossible to say that everyone can fit a particular shape. Yet, for years for the fashion industry has been propagating that women should fit into this hourglass body shape standard of clothes sizing. A very few minority of women truly fit the dimensions of a true hourglass shape. In reality most women are slightly more rectangular in shape.

So why won’t the industry just change it’s sizing? Well. Mostly because it’s hard to change years and years of a system that seemingly has been working. However, recently there have been some companies that are bucking the system by offering customized clothing. Could this be the new wave of the fashion industry? Hmmm…possibly, but more than likely if it continues to become successful it could revolutionize the sizing system.

While customization has generally been an idea in men’s fashion; think bespoke suits. The concept is rather new for women of average means. However the companies listed below make it accessible for most every budget.




Choose their designs, but add your own sizing specifications.




Shoes of Prey 

Design or pick shoes to customize to your personal color or heel height preferences.



Customize one of the hardest to fit clothing items. Swimwear!


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