The Race Begins! Monica, Eve, Ashanti, & Mel B. are In The Running to Replace Tamar Braxton on “The Real!”

It has been a few months now since singer and reality star, Tamar Braxton, was ousted from Fox’s hit panel talk show, The Real. Besides the never ending drama surrounding her departure and her co-hosts reactions, a number of names have been thrown into the pot to replace her. No we are not talking about Keke Palmer, or one of the other Braxton Sisters (Towanda, Trina, or Traci Braxton) replacing her, as rumors have stated. This new bit of news is about actual celebrities in the running to fill Tamar’s spot!


Here is what we know thanks to a Love B. Scott Exclusive. Monica, Eve, Ashanti, & Mel B. are all in the name pool set to take Tamar’s coveted spot according to sources close to the show. As you know The Real  has been renewed for a third and fourth season so they need a new person in the seat who will last! Whoever is chosen will have to mesh well with the other co-hosts and be well received by the audience and advertisers. As you recall, Tamar was popular, but advertisers did not like her and audiences felt she was “hood” and only resonated with gay Black men.


Monica, Eve, Ashanti, and Mel B. are all heavy hitters with huge followings that make them marketable across wider audiences than Tamar ever was. We, however, would particularly like to see Eve or Monica in her spot. Eve is a strong woman, opinionated, and revered in the hip-hop community as a mogul and game changer. Monica, however, would simply be a fresh face and it would be good to see her doing something outside of singing.

What do you guys think? Which of these contenders would be a great fit for The Real? Comment below!

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