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The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Beauties In The Fast Lane”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Beauties In The Fast Lane”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” began with a recap, as both Nene and Cynthia recapped their trip to Puerto Rico with Greg and Peter, respectively. Cynthia ultimately decides her friendship with Nene is done and burns their friendship contract in declaration as Peter and Mal look on. At her office, Phaedra receives a call from Derek J, updating her on the effects the “hair burglar” accusations have had on his business. Phaedra’s mother comes to visit her, there she informs her that Apollo’s incarceration date has been set. She is determined not to let it get to her. Apollo decides to play daddy and picks his sons up from school. He takes them to get ice cream, there Aiden tells him how much he misses him when he is not at home. Apollo begins to realize just how much time he is going to miss with his sons.



Kandi and Todd go to see Dr. Jackie to check their fertility. The doctor has Todd give her a sample, hoping he can fill a big cup. Later, Kandi enlists Riley and Kayla’s aide in getting rid of the junk food in the house. She tells them they are planning to have a baby. Riley feels her mother is too old, but wants her future sibling to have an African name. Kandi tries to get the girls to interact more, but they are still awkward around one another. Cynthia prepares to celebrate the opening of Sports One in Charlotte, enlisting her assistants’ help in choosing outfits. She invites the ladies to come to the opening with her, but only Claudia and Kenya can make it. Kenya is not surprised Phaedra did not come, but Cynthia calls to confirm with her anyway. Phaedra tells her she cannot make it due to a dentist’s appointment, but Kenya hangs Cynthia’s phone up before she can fully respond much to Cynthia’s dismay.


After a family outing, Kandi surprises Todd with his dream car for his birthday. His response leaves much to be desired. Peter gets his staff to finish up the final touches at Sports One for the grand opening. The ladies arrive in Charlotte behin schedule after a few shenanigans on the road. Cynthia’s tardiness angers Peter and she rushes to get ready. When the finally arrive at the bar nearly four hours have past. Cynthia manages to calm Peter down, while Claudia hits it off with Kordell, Porsha’s ex-husband. They reminisce on how they met years before. Although Claudia says she is not intent on going after him, she leaves the door open for something more to happen between them. Kenya pushes them to get to know one another, while Peter barrages Claudia with compliments in front of Cynthia. Cynthia tells him how proud she is of him and wishes their newest venture much success!


KENYA MOORE is messy! I love her, but she does not have Claudia’s best interest in heart. She is clearly pushing Claudia towards Kordell to piss Porsha off. Then again, Claudia has to know it is messy to kick it with a coworker’s ex! I kind of fele like Claudia is reaching right now for drama. This season all the girls are proving to be mean it seems!




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