The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Chocolate Does A Body Good”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back and up to their necks in drama once again. The show begins with a video message from Apollo just before he turns himself in for sentencing. He thanks everyone who supports him and promises he will be back. Later, Phaedra returns home and settles back in with the boys. She laments over now being a single mother and considers getting Aiden some counseling to deal with his father’s absence. Kandi and Todd have a heart to heart to discuss issues of time and sex in their marriage, with the former wanting to get marriage counseling. Kandi feels a disconnect from her husband and hopes they can fix it. He, however, wonders are they doing okay financially. Later, Kandi stops by to see visit with Phaedra and catch up. The two have not seen each other for awhile and Kandi is surprised to see the changes to her house and learn Nene has been so supportive of her situation. Phaedra, in turn, is surprised Kandi has not been more of a rock for her.



Cynthia, Kenya, and Claudia meet for drinks and to catch up. There, Cynthia tells them about Phaedra’s rumored affair with an African man named, “Mr. Chocolate.” Kenya and Claudia are shocked. Kenya actually becomes emotional feeling Phaedra has unjustly called her on “whorish activity” and should be outed as a hypocrite. Kandi decides to invite all of the ladies to dinner to catch up since she has not seen them since their trip to Puerto Rico. Cynthia organizes her closet, showcasing the many fashion pieces and accessories she has amassed. There, she tells Peter about the dinner invitation. He is surprised she is going, but feels Phaedra’s alleged affair is none of their concern. That night at dinner, all of the ladies arrive and seem to be having a good time until Cynthia begins to talk about the allegations against Phaedra.


Cynthia stumbles getting the information out and Phaedra immediately dismisses her attempts to get in her business. She denies the allegations and is upset she would even bring something like that up. Kenya chimes in and demands Phaedra take responsibility for the affair and the messages Peter saw. Phaedra in turn lunges at her with her purse and then quickly leaves before things begin to escalate. Nene and Porsha immediately leave with her with Kandi in tow. Outside, the ladies try to calm Phaedra down and remind her of her career. The other ladies are taken aback by her behavior. Kenya and Cynthia, however, still try to drag more about Mr. Chocolate out of them. Nene defends her and demand they stay out of her business. The ladies separate on unhappy terms with Phaedra commenting on how she was about to beat Kenya’s ass.


Cynthia has become messy as hell! It’s one thing to finally stand up for yourself but to try and become a mean girl is an entirely different things. OMG Cynthia leave the villainy, conniving, and general bitchiness to Kenya please. I swear this woman has great hair and NOTHING else! Oh, and Nene, kudos to you for having Phaedra’s back!


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