The Resistance is REBOOTED! Terminator Genisys is The Movie of The Summer!

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Time travel just got a whole lot weirder thanks to the debut of Terminator Genisys! This marks the hit franchise’s sixth film and its first reboot. Our favorite Terminator, T-800 (Arnold Schwarzegger) is back–and older. This time around the machines have finally met their demise. In a desperate attempt to save itself, SkyNet sends a Terminator back in time to eliminate, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), the mother of the human resistance’s leader, John Connor, and therefore undoing their victory. John sends his most trusted soldier, Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back in time to protect his mother and the future. However, when Kyle arrives nothing is as it should be. Sarah is not the defenseless waitress we met decades ago, but is instead a hardened soldier who has been raised by a T-800 she names “Pops.” Nothing about the past is as it should be and it is up to Kyle, Pops, and Sarah to save the future and stop Genisys, a fledgling SkyNet, before it begins the nuclear Holocaust of Judgment Day!



This is the best movie of the summer this far. Forget dinosaurs, male strippers, and even superheroes–it is all about the machines! Arnold Schwarzenegger still has it after all these years. He only proves that age does not mean obsolescence. However, the real break out star of the film is Sarah Connor. She is what all fanboys wish their mothers were–bad ass, kick ass rebels with the will to save the planet. Emilia Clarke brings new life into an old character and we love her for it. This is Jai’s first really big role outside of his parts in the Divergent franchise. His character’s interaction with Sarah actually makes their love story “cool,” and fits awesomely into the plot of the film.


This film should definitely resurrect the Terminator franchise. Anyone who thinks they know the history of these films forget all about it. A new story is being written and SkyNet refuses to die. There has to be a sequel in the works and SOON! Be sure you stay past the credits to see an additional scene. You will not be disappointed! You can catch Terminator Genisys  in theaters nationwide today!

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