The Return of Chunky Heels

Chunky Heels have returned for the fall/winter 2021 season and they’re fresher and more fabulous than ever. There’s something seriously nostalgic about a chunky heel with a platform. Chunky heels have reemerged on and off again over the years, and they always have a glamorous 90’s vibe that I can’t get over. While I’m never one to knock a high-heeled shoe, I believe that chunky heels are a little more versatile than heels with narrower spikes and potentially make the wearer come off as more easy-going. Admittedly, a chucky heel has a stylish element of humor that makes you appear more approachable. I can’t confirm if girls with chunky heels have more fun, but I can say that they do appear more laid back.

Chunky heels are a wonderful style investment and are as essential to the wardrobe as their skinnier counterpart—the stiletto.

Casadei C Chain Chunky HeelConsider that little style tip for the dating scene. I also think they’re just as versatile and are appropriate for most settings. Coming in a variety of colors and textures, chunky heels are the go-to shoe for the fall/winter season. The thing to remember with heels is that the sex appeal is in the arch, not the spike. The more pronounced the arch, the sexier the shoe. Don’t let that style tip guide you to attempt wearing a shoe you can’t walk-in, but just take it into consideration when shopping for heels. I’m here for all your style advise needs. Remember, a little style advise goes a long way.Casadei C Chain Chunky Heel


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