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The Ride Along 2 DVD Giveaway!

Finally, the funny we’ve all been saving our stomachs for. The “Brothers-in-law” are back and bringing more than just humor with them. Get ready for the action-packed, laugh-attack movie of the season as James (Ice Cube) and his side-kick Ben (Kevin Hart) take their talents to South Beach to wreak havoc on a Government-sponsored drug lord in the sequel, Ride Along 2.

This film is so funny that you are going to want to enjoy it again and again! Now you can–and for FREE! How? You might ask? Through another Kontrol Magazine giveaway! All you have to do is answer these questions correctly and be the first person to answer them in the comments area below.


1. How tall is Kevin Hart?

2. What is the name of Kevin Hart’s real life ex-wife?

3. What reality show was Kevin Hart’s ex-wife apart of?

4. Ice Cube’s son name is?

5. Tika Sumpter plays what Tyler Perry character?

6. Ice Cube is a founding member of what rap group?

7. What is the real name of the actress playing the wedding planner in this film?

Now all you have to do is answer below. We are only giving away ONE DVD. The first person to answer them all correctly will win! May the odds be in your favor!

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