The Right Way to Rock A Turtleneck For That New Years Party!

The next time you’re having difficulty deciding on what to pair with your suits or topcoats for that New Years party, try and consider ditching your typical dress shirt and tie for an old school turtleneck. I know right! Turtlenecks have had a complete revival in the last year, despite their once bad reputation as one of the fashion’s most upsetting garments. Thanks to new ways of styling and also there return to this season’s fall/winter runway shows, their once drab appearance has now turned into a fab choice of wear.

Try Ditching The Tie

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Trust you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headache by simply pairing your favorite suit with a simple tonal turtleneck. A solid dark color goes a long way. Not only will it elevate your style game, but will also be easier to maintain and comfortable to move around in.

Thin Turtlenecks Are Better

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Big chunky turtlenecks can be a lot when trying to pair with your favorite ensemble, oh and not to mention bulky and warm as hell. Instead, you should grab a turtleneck in a thinner fabric like cotton or cashmere that to the body. Trust you’ll thank us in the long run when your not dripping in sweat from wearing that big wool turtleneck from grandma.

You Can Even Pair With Sweats

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Believe it or not, you can actually rock a turtleneck with a cool pair of sweats. Try pairing a really good turtleneck with some dope joggers and an easy sneaker. It’ll definitely bring your style to new “comfortable” heights for this cold weather season. It’s also great for just some simple lounging around and last minute shopping. The versatility of a turtleneck works for pretty much every and any situation.

Pair it with a Polo

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Try incorporating a thin turtleneck under your everyday polo shirt. A polo shirt in a more contrasting bold color will bring dimension against a more tonal, navy or neutral turtleneck. It’s more along the lines of monochromatic but it’s a cool way to style your winter look.

Guy’s Should Layer Too

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Turtlenecks are the new thermal replacement guy’s, and very functional and stylish layering pieces. Put grandma’s Christmas gift to use by layering that chunky turtleneck sweater with some of your other favorite knit scarves, leather jackets, and patterned sweaters as well. Staying warm as the weather gets colder and colder each day, has never looked so cool.

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