The Seven Best Luxury Watches for Men

luxury watches

There’s no gift for a man quite like a luxury watch, whether its a gift purchased by his partner for an anniversary, a company gift to honor years of work or a gift to oneself for no occasion at all. There are a surprising amount of luxury brands on the market, beyond those well-recognized by the average Joe.

When trying to find the right luxury watch, there are lots of aspects to consider: size, budget, style, etc. To make things easy, here are seven of the best luxury watches for men for you narrow down your options.

Omega Seamaster

In terms of style and provenance, Omega is a brand name that’s right up there with Rolex. Their watches have been worn on the wrists of the world’s explorers, charting stormy seas and even making it all the way up to the moon. The Omega Seamaster is one of their most recognizable models, with the Speedmaster being a well-loved alternative. The Seamaster boasts many looks, including more sporty editions as well as more formal models.

Chanel Monsieur

When you think of Chanel, you may default to women’s perfume, beauty products, and accessories. The Chanel Monsieur watch undoes those preconceptions, replacing them with a simple, masculine watch design that will catch eyes wherever you go. The gold crown, ivory dial, and alligator strap make this watch both comfortable and luxurious.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is a masterpiece in its own right. With its bold, round face set on a squared off backing, the Sky-Dweller boasts masculinity and size. It’s easy to clasp strap adds a layer of comfort, while the solid gold casing adds a luxurious sheen to the timepiece. Made only with the finest Swiss made movements, Rolex is a brand you can trust to last the test of time.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay


The Tudor Heritage Black Bay– particularly the brown and bronze model– offers a balance of the modern and traditional. The watch itself looks like a vintage piece, while the dials offer space-age modernity that looks astounding. Tudor is Rolex’s younger sibling and was started by the parent company as a way to take a larger piece of the market demand with the confines imposed by production restrictions faced by Rolex. It’s a worthy investment for any new or seasoned watch collector.

TAG Heuer Formula One

With a name like Formula One, it may come as no surprise that TAG Heuer has ties to the racing industry. The Formula One offers the boldness and masculinity of titanium, paired with the comfort and functionality of a rubber strap for the more athletic gentleman. It’s water resistant up to 200 meters and has a chronograph that encapsulates a throwback to days gone by.

Hermes Cape Cod

The Hermes Cape Cod in black matte is a stunning timepiece. Its best feature is its subtle and humble approach to luxury watches. While the Hermes name is a well-known luxury brand recognized around the world, the watch itself lacks the flash of some of the others on this list. Its double strap is made from soft, supple leather for maximum comfort without compromising style and the square face is a nice alternative to the popular round look.

Seiko Astron Executive Line

Seiko stands apart from most of the luxury brands, as it originates in Japan rather than Switzerland. Fear not though, because this Japanese luxury watch manufacturer learned from the best of the best and follow many of the Swiss watchmaking protocols. What you get in return is a high-quality watch that is often priced a bit lower than the competition, while offering the same great quality. The Astron Executive Line is of the highest quality, standing apart from even the more recognizable models on this list.


No matter which watch you choose, do your due diligence to understand exactly what a luxury watch consists of, and how to find the right one for you.

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