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The Tiniest Avenger is the Most Terrific! Check out Marvel’s Ant-Man!

The Tiniest Avenger is the Most Terrific! Check out Marvel’s Ant-Man!

Is there no Marvel Comics superhero that cannot be made into a hit? It definitely does not seem like it, especially with this weekend’s release of Marvel’s Ant-ManThis film is should not be a surprising hit, after all if a film with a talking raccoon as a hero can be a box office hit then so can a shrinking superhero! Ant-Man centers on the life of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a corporate whistle blower/burglar who just finished his time in prison.



He resolves to leave his life of crime behind him and really be a good father to his young daughter, Cassie. That is easier said than done when his friends try to get him on a heist that will settle his money troubles. Scott sticks to his resolve until he finds his daughter’s mother is moving on with her life and getting married. Her fiance is intent on playing the father role in Cassie’s life and wants him away. Desperate to regain his daughter, he takes the heist and is surprised to find the Ant-Man costume is his prize. Impressed by his skills, he is soon recruited by Dr. Henry Pym (Michael Douglas), the original Ant-Man, and his daughter, Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lily), for a mission to save the world from Darren Cross/Yellowjacket (Corey Stroll) and HYDRA!


This film had it all; action, romance, family drama, and ANTS! Who knew these little creatures were so useful and formidable. Being able to control them is like having your own personal army. Besides that, having the power to shrink is quite handy. When you see how a miniature superhero and super villain go at it you will be mortified and laughing simultaneously! Paul Rudd is perfect as the titular character. He is a reluctant hero, but one true and through to the heart. His willingness to save the world for his daughter’s sake is touching. Then there’s that awesome sense of humor he has.



We were skeptical about the twist in the Pym family once we found out Hank and Jan were not the current Ant-Man and Wasp, however, their daughter, Hope, is divine! Evangeline Lily really brought this character to life and it does not hurt that she is gorgeous! It is rare to see a supporting character, especially a female one, be superior to the hero. Hope should have been the hero of the movie, and soon she will be! Michael Douglas pulls off a bad ass elderly Hank Pym who still has some fight in him. Using him as the bridge between the original and modern Ant-Man was an impressive twist. He seems to be the Bruce Wayne to his see Terry McGiness (sigh, google Batman Beyond). As for Yellowjacket…well he is more psychotic and annoying than anything. Corey Stroll plays this overgrown kid with transference and “daddy issues.” His disregard for life to achieve greatness would impress even Thanos!


Be sure you make time to check out this amazing film and catch Ant-Man  in next year’s Captain America: Civil War! Captain America vs. Iron Man–Who’s side is he on?


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