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The Top 10 Super Women of History!

The Top 10 Super Women of History!

In case you did not know it, March is Women’s History Month. A time where we recognize the contributions of women to society and the world at large. What most people do not realize is that even fictional women have played a role in progressing how we think and feel about the capabilities of women. Believe it or not, there was a time when a woman saving the world was unheard of. The damsel in distress, the princess imprisoned in the castle, and the proverbial superhero’s girlfriend were all we knew when it came to the “fairer” sex’s role in fiction. Thankfully times have changed, and nowadays women kick as much as ass as their male counterparts. Check out our top ten picks of the Super Women of History!


batgirl_commission_colors_by_dawn_mcteigue-d6ycp5p comission_barbara_gordon_batgirl_by_doretetsu-d5s3dnr

#10. Barbara Gordon- Whether you know her as the first Batgirl or the supreme hacker, Oracle, Barbara Gordon has been a mainstay of the Batman mythos. The red-haired crime fighter began as the daughter and supporting character of another supporting character in the Batman comics and rose to fame when she dared stop, not one, but two super villains on her own–and she was successful! A natural athlete and genius in her own right, she has proven to be one of The Dark Knight’s greatest allies and one of the most recognized female superheroes in the world. Barbara proves that whether you’re confined to wheelchair or stalking the night, fighting the good fight must be done!

Adam-hughes-power-girl-1 3613413-3228962800-power

#9. Power Girl- One of the multiverse’s many variants of “Supergirl.” This version of the Girl of Steel refused to stand in her cousin’s shadow and created an identity of her own. A powerhouse among powerhouses she is respected by everyone around her. Not only is she a superhero, she also owns her own computer company and is as intelligent as she is strong. Perhaps her best attribute is he refusal to be body shamed. She’s voluptuous, well developed and not afraid to show she is a healthy and strong woman. If you have a problem with it, she may knock you to the moon.


#8. Toph- Who needs a strong guy when you have a girl like Toph around. Easily the greatest Earth bender to ever live, this amazing heroine made what should have been her greatest weakness (blindness), an infallible strength. Toph can bend metal, move earth, and even sense events a hemisphere away! Besides being bad ass she is determined to be her own person. Whoever said a woman is only as good as she looks never met this “devil may care” little lady. She may not have had the life she wanted, but she lived it bravely.

D.E. Comic Page Template.eps2966976-x_men_evolution_jean_grey_by_paulrenaud-d3a7ict

#7. Jean Grey- Jean Grey may very well be the heart of the X-Men. After all everyone single one of them loves and/or admires her in one way or another. Despite hatred, persecution, becoming a villain, and even death; like a phoenix she always rises from the ashes to put a stop to the bad guys.

20060821043558!She_hulk shehulk-shoryuken

#6. She-Hulk-Everyone has a family, including The Incredible Hulk. She-Hulk and he are first cousins! After a blood transfusion from the raging hero himself, she too found herself gamma powered and beautiful! She-Hulk, unlike her cousin has some considerable willpower and brain power. Did you know she’s a lawyer? Leave it too a woman to turn a tragedy to a true triumph!

2081131-rogue_lille_comics_festival_2011_print_by_manulupac_d4fwdxi Rogue-wallpapers-x-men-37073794-1920-1080

#5. Rogue-The woman dying to be close to you, but can’t touch you no matter how much she may want. Much of Rogue’s past has been tragic and trying, however she continues to fight on. Whereas many would view her power as a curse she has accepted it and made it into a powerful weapon in defense of the world and peace. There’s a lot to be said about someone who can’t touch, but still manages to touch the hearts around her.

4050222-8955683260-13784 korra_aura_by_artgerm-d56o2e9

#4. Korra- Avatar The Last Airbender was one helluva animated series, and Aang was beloved character. Many found out hard to accept he had been reincarnated into a woman, Korra. Korra is initally brash and stubborn; foolishly charging into any situation because she assumed she had the power to overcome it. However, over four amazing season we watched the growing pains of a girl to become a powerful woman. Few have endured the trauma and injuries Korra sustained and become a better person because of it. It’s easy to pound on your enemies and lock them away, who actually takes the time to learn from them. She did! Oh, and did we mention she is America’s first lesbian character in an animated series for children? Bravo!


#3. Wonder Woman- You had to know The Amazon Princess was going to be somewhere on this list. Wonder Woman is to little girls, what Superman is to little boys–an ideal of power and perfection! However, Wonder Woman is better off than Superman. As an Amazon she was raised by women in sisterhood and strength, with the divine understanding they were far more than what any man can make of them. Never one to back down, she always asserts her will and compels the truth and respect from everyone around her.

invisible_woman_by_artgutierrez-d7tlyht Invisible_Woman_by_Protokitty

#2. The Invisible Woman- Sue Richards is the matriarch of Marvel Comic’s first family and its most powerful member. Her appearance would likely cause you to dismiss her as a threat, but it would surely spell your doom. This fantastic woman is highly intelligent and one of the few super heroines who does not show off her body. She makes the uniform and not the other way around. Sue is also married and the mother of two. Who else do you know can manage being a superhero, maintain her marriage, and raise two children with godlike abilities? Not even Supergirl!

storm_by_pryce14-d70nxeb mohawk_storm_by_rdauterman-d5rlxjd

#1. Storm- Storm is the most famous Black superhero on the planet. She rose to fame during a time when being female, let alone Black was not popular. Her command over the elements makes her a respected, worshipped, and feared hero. However, it is her compassion and ability to lead that are her greatest assets. Whereas Cyclops is traditionally the leader of the X-Men, she too has, and currently holds that mantle. She believes in a world where humans and mutants can coexist peacefully and won’t let that dream die without a fight. Say what you will, Ororo Monroe is a true force of nature!

So what do you think? What other super heroine should be on this list? Comment below!


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