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The True Impact Of Social Media Can Have: A Guide

The True Impact Of Social Media Can Have: A Guide


Social media is an inescapable phenomenon, and for teens, millennials, and Gen Z, it’s always been a part of their online landscape. The influence of social media shows no sign of losing its power either, and in fact, the rise of influencers online who promote products and services via their FaceBookpages or Instagram account is expanding rapidly. There are many positive aspects of social media, but like everything else, there is a dark side as well.

What’s good about social media?

First of all, social media is a lot of fun; it’s a source of laughter and enjoyment and can help you relax. Social mediacan be a fantastic way to stay in touch with people when you don’t live near each other or you’re separated for a while. Being able to share what you’re doing and see what your loved one’s been up to makes the distance between you seem far less significant. Social media also opens up the possibility of making new friends and connections, expanding your social network, and potentially helping you in your career.

The information and images on social media can also be informative, helping you learn more about the world and the people in it, and it’s become a potentially life-changing platform for campaigning – just take the success of the #metoo movement as an example of what social media can achieve. Being part of a global network that has the ability to change people’s lives for the better is empowering and rewarding, and can give young people a genuine insight into the weightier matters affecting society.

What’s not so good about social media?

There are problems associated with social media, too. Becoming addicted to social media may sound strange, but it’s a recognized phenomenon. Some people spend all their time constantly being on social media sites, updating their profiles, adding content, commenting and sharing, and seeing what’s hot and what’s not.

They spend so much time worrying about their image on social media they don’t leave time to pursue their goals in real life so studying and work life deteriorates, and the obsession can become so great that they suffer severe anxiety and stress, either from not being able to access their social media accounts all the time, or from reacting to other people’s posts and comments.

If you or a friend are hooked on social media, you can take back control of your life by attending a treatment center that specializes in helping young people with addictions like igniteteentreatment.com.

Another problem with social media is that some users seem to think it’s ok to be as rude and vindictive in their comments and messages as they like, without any concern for the feelings of their victims. Trolling and cyberbullying are serious issues that can ruin lives and even lead to suicide in some cases. If you’re affected, always report the incidents to the website owners, and if appropriate the police.

If you can avoid the less pleasant side of social media and keep a balanced view of what it is and what it can do, then there are advantages to being involved; just take care not to let it become anything other than an entertaining diversion or a platform for doing something positive.


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