The Truth On Wheels: Ra’Shad Solomon

CEO, model, activist, advocate, motivational speaker! Those are just a few of the many labels that Ra’Shad Solomon has. However, one label that always sticks is… Disabled. You would never guess looking at Ra’Shad’s pictures that he not only wAas born with cerebral palsy, but he also was diagnosed with dysplasia of the spine at the age of twenty. Many think that he is paralyzed, but he will be the first to tell you that that statement is completely false!  Ra’ Shad leads a normal life, he has a job, the whole nine yards. However what is abnormal about him is his goals, hopes, and dreams.

If you’re like Ra’Shad you probably have the most intricate and detailed dreams with a plan and purpose. You ever have goals so big that you couldn’t tell them to a small minded person? Well, that is all Ra’Shad! He is hardworking, determined, and ambitious! He his ultimate goal is to be the first African-American, disabled, model, and wants to be styled by Kontrol Magazine’s own Julian Lark!image

This is a new age and era. So many people have made so many break throughs, have overcome so many barriers, and have paved the way for others. Ra’Shad is that overcomer and that inspirer all in one! He has already graced the cover of Apostrophe Magazine, been featured in countless blogs and news, and he even started his own foundation CWM (Comfortable With Myself).


CWM is for people from all walks of life! NO DISCRIMINATION is involved. No matter who you are or where you came from if you are not comfortable within yourself for a reason you are welcome to CWM. Ra’Shad believes that everyone is the world has an equal opportunity… “Never a no always a yes…” It just takes hard work and at least one person to believe in you and have your back. Already CWM has done a No H8 campaign, been in various fashion shows in Florida, started their own YouTube talk show! How about that? He would love to come to Atlanta and show everyone what he and his crew have to offer to this concrete jungle and the fashion world.



Ra’Shad is a living example of never letting something beat you! “Don’t let it make you, you make it!” Is one of the pieces of advice he left me with. Ra’Shad’s faith in God and continuous prayers gets him through every obstacle. He is the Truth On Wheels because he is very blunt and opinionated, and he will tell you like it is. He continues to push and inspire others. One of his biggest fans is his younger brother Ja’Vone, 19, who also has CP. Everything Ra’Shad does is for his brother and others with disabilities that currently have no voice and no representation, but they want to be something or someone! He will not stop until he has changed the world and left behind his legacy. He will not be denied for much longer. He is an overcomer. Ra’Shad Solomon is the Truth On Wheels.

Go support and follow his Instagram: @thetruthonwheels and CWM’s facebook page

Tenekeyia Esjuante

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Raised all over the world thanks to the Army, but roots are in Alabama. Had a passion for fashion and writing for as long as can remember. Currently a sophomore attending the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, GA; majoring in Fashion Marketing & Management/ minoring in Advertising Copywriting.