The Undercut: Hot Hair for Men

The 90’s are in full-swing as it relates to beauty and fashion. And you men are not immune from the ever-present changes that happen within both the beauty and fashion industry. Men have increasingly become an important consumer to market. I see you guys shopping out there and lurking on social media for the next cool hairstyle.

I am thrilled that men are becoming active consumers and shoppers. Being in fashion should not just be a female “sport” rather we all should strive to look our best. So I am going to save you handsome fellas some trouble and let you in on the hottest hair trend for fall.


It is the undercut and this time around it is not as grungy as its 1990’s cousin. The undercut which is  actually a traditional hairstyle has been modernize for 2015. Remember that you are going to keep it tapered and short on the sides and long on the top. What makes it modern is how you style the top and the added potential of adding some cool designs to the undercut.

Check out this video from Detail Magazine on the basics of the achieving the cut.

Next, look at the pictures below for some inspiration.





For those Pinterest fans out their check this link and scroll, like and pin away. 🙂


Michelle Gill

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