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The Underwear Drawer: Once Upon a Foot Fetish

The Underwear Drawer: Once Upon a Foot Fetish

written by: Langston John Blaze

We all have fantasies. No matter if its being thrown in a barn of hay by a hunky soap opera actor or in a hot tub with our favorite top model or a threesome between The Rock and Vin Diesel in that sexy fight scene from Fast Five. Oops…did I just give away mine? Regardless, fantasies were meant to be shared not hidden. However, when fantasy crosses over to fetish, how open minded is too open minded? Of course, we all have our boundaries but if we really like someone, are we willing to fulfill their less than typical desires?

I casually began chatting with a guy I met online three years ago. His name was Jacob. He worked as a host for a popular restaurant in Atlanta. He was handsome; thick built, similar to a NFL player, light skinned, curly hair, and beyond freaky. We hadn’t done anything physical. We would only chat online about what we were into…intimately, I mean. I shared fantasy upon fantasy I had. I told him how I liked to be touched and other typical raunchy things men say after dark when their hornball mentalities takeover.

Suddenly, when I was really getting into it, Jacob asked for my number and I gave it to him. He was eager on meeting that night. However, I knew meeting up meant meeting up. Although, I had my fair share of wild occasions, I wasn’t into loosey goosey casual flings. The temptation was not that thick for me. Sadly, I knew I could fulfill myself better than most men could anyway. So, I told Jacob I wasn’t down on making our fantasies a reality just yet.

Throughout the months, Jacob would see me online and hit me up. The cyber sex talk came around like clockwork but suddenly, this particular night, Jacob switched gears. We were sending each other sexy photos on the phone when suddenly Jacob text messaged me, “Send me a picture of your feet.” I damn near gasped. My eyes grew big and I immediately began to laugh. Was he serious I thought. Nevertheless, the more he began to describe in detail how passionate he felt about sucking toes and seeing feet, I knew I had something…different. Eventually, after refusing a number of times, I sent Jacob a photo of my toes.

What the hell are you doing, Langston? I asked myself. I specifically remembered trying to angle my feet in the most attractive way possible, knowing my toes were less than cute. I have dancer feet. Aside from writing, I’ve been a dancer my whole life which meant my feet looked like they’d been in a car accident. Okay, yes! My feet are ugly but Jacob didn’t seem to mind from the photo. And when I told him I wore a size 14 shoe, that really made him have a field day…or feet day in this case.

I didn’t know if dating a guy with a foot fetish was for me. What if my toes weren’t available one day and I came home to catch him cheating on me with another man’s feet? At the least, I could say, “I tried something…different.” As a man and as men, yes, we have our kinky sides. Yet, If we let a person love every aspect of who we are first, maybe…just maybe they can accept the other things about us, including our fantasies and fetishes. Needless to say, I stopped calling Jacob. He was damn cute but the foot fetish thing wasn’t for me. But for everyone, there’s someone. Now put your foot in that!


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