The Vote is 5 to 4! The Supreme Court Upholds Gay Marriage in ALL 50 STATES!

Thanks to a ruling from The Supreme Court, The fight for marriage equality and gay rights just scored a monumental victory. On this day, June 26, 2015, gay men and women are now legally allowed to be married in ALL 50 STATES! You read right! From gay Eskimos in Alaska to the “kidz” of Atlanta, marriage between people of the same sex is now legally recognized with all the same rights and responsibilities as their heterosexual counterparts. This victory came narrowly, with a vote of five out of nine Supreme Court Justices ruling in its favor. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote the majority opinion and was joined by four of his more liberal compatriots.


This decision comes on the tail end of decades of litigation, protesting, activism, and hate that have made this issue impossible to ignore. For years it seemed like the Supreme Court would never address this issue, leaving it up to individual states. However, many likened that method to putting band-aides on bullet holes. As we all know, some states and regions are more liberal than others. Most of the Northeast and some of thee Western states folded, and gave in to gay marriage. Others, which includes (unsurprisingly) much of The South and Midwest were staunchly against it.

Well now they do not have a choice.This huge decision is truly overhauling what we see as a family, marriage, and even social norms. It is a new day! How do you feel about it? I for one, feel hopeful. Humankind has its moments that leave you hopeful.


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